Sunday Kind of Love – Leafing the City

Happy Sunday Lovelies. Sadly our somewhat spring like weather deserted us in the middle of the night, and left us sullen and sad in our light cardigans and open toed sandals.. sometimes with this weather I feel like I’m pulled from one side of C.S. Lewis’s magic wardrobe to the other, befuddled and poorly dressed for either world. *chuckle*

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle lately I’ve been returning to my favorite little fantasy, running away into the woods. Depending on my level of madness, I either want to go into the woods with just a tent and some books, or find a beautiful cabin, taking all the musicians and artists in my life to drink, sing and make merry, dance and relax and talk until we sleep in the cool air. I’m leaning to the later lately.

I’m not sure why I’m attracted to the forest – we’re not really camping folk. I mean, I camp, and I do so very well! Some of my favorite jobs have been grueling outdoor adventures, and some of the best vacations as well. I am a city girl to be sure – but there is still part of me that longs to tromp in the woods…in beautiful clothes with lots of food and water and a warm stylish cabin to come back to. 50/ 50 I suppose. This is my little brain vacation I’ve been taking lately…


{There’s no denying that the woods, while magical and inspiring, can have its dark and frightening moments too. When we lived in Bracknel, Barkshire, there was a huge fence bordering the compound, and on the other side of the fench the darkest, thickest forest fit for any childhood nightmare. To get to my friends house there was no way you could avoid biking alongside of the forest, and my little legs have never peddled so hard in their 7 year old lives as they did when I went by that monstrosity. Something about Bakucot’s photos give me that same uneasy feeling, that if I look too hard into the darkness I’d see something like this…}


{I think this bag would be the perfect size to pack up only what you needed for a trip to the woods.. You know, your sandals, poncho, bathing suit for the lake, headdress and talisman, cigarettes and hooch. What do you bring to my little party?}


{Me and Oli}

{Really, need I say more? This would be such a fantastic cover up/nightgown/over tights outfit… Me and Oli are perpetually sold out (apparently I was late to that party) but you can e-mail them and they’ll see what they can do. Which, depending on the state of affairs when the spending hiatus ends, might be exactly what I do.}



{badbridges via the Storque}

{Can you imagine the parties that you could have here? The light streaming in from above, the stars at night, the sun in the morning.. So incredibly beautiful and warm, these photos give me a place in my mind to go where we light the candles and pour the wine and dance all evening..}


{Grunge Gypsy}

{I always wanted to be that hostess who had a basket full of house slippers in the front hallway, so when people came over they’d have something warm to wear in my hardwood house. I have failed miserably at that. But if I owned a cabin, I would totally have a rack of flannel shirts hung up to wear when the chill of the night snuck in. Beautiful and warm and smelling like firewood and purfume, they would line up like memories and friends on their pegs..}


{I’ve been in love with this brand for a little while, and every spring I look at them at Gravity Pope. Look at them.. try them on.. sigh.. put them back.. They are handcrafted and every pair feels like it was made specifically for your feet. Maybe this summer I will finally buy a pair. And never, ever, walk in the woods with them. *laugh*}

Hope you enjoyed our little vacation in the woods. Oh.. another caveat.. Showers. Even if their sun heated drums in the trees with pull handles.. I need a shower. You know. FYI. Meet me there! xoxo



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4 responses to “Sunday Kind of Love – Leafing the City

  1. I only wish it was warm enough to go camping. Saturday was so beautiful and sadly, winter has snuck back into our lives. Boo.

  2. Beautiful images, as always. I think I want to run off and join the forest!

  3. I may or may not be photoshopping myself curled up in that sunny spot on the futon.

  4. i love this sunday love.

    the leaves,

    the owl dress,

    the yurt…

    i’m dreaming of you and headresses and champagne in a cabin now.

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