Bird Brains. Indeed.


Hello little aubergines. I’m on the run today to an exam and to hack away at my first thesis draft due on Thursday. I am going to sleep like the dead Thursday night, I tell you! But while I’m running about telling myself it’s just a few more weeks, I’m going to be listening to tUnE YaRdS. I have no idea how to describe her, but if you made the smoking girl in the feathers a few posts down dance do the robot in my mind, she’d be dancing to the Bird Brains album. Check her out on Stereogum here (where there is a fabulous free Mp3) and her MySpace here.


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  1. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog via 20sb…

    Thank you for the music find! I’ve been listening to her for about an hour straight. She’s incredible. I’m a huge fan of the lo-fi singer-songwriter stuff, but this lady takes it to another level.

    Rock on.

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