Dream Ride

main_1{The Pashley Princess}

I’m not really one for dream interpretation or analysis, but let me tell you, lately…I’ve been having these really intense dreams about having a baby and being so .. confused as to what to do with it, how to feed it… Followed promptly by a dream about rolling down a hill on this beautiful bike, carefree and sans-child. I think the later may be because my brother got me looking at bikes again and linked me to a whole whack of gorgeous specimens.. but the first? Jeez. I have no clue. Any interpretations? xo


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3 responses to “Dream Ride

  1. Tim

    If you happen to have a mid-wife, and its Socrates, I think I know exactly what’s going on.
    How that relates to the bike . . . I dunno. Maybe its a representation of being content with an un-intellectuality fueled life?

  2. Maybe you’re dreaming of living a simpler, French life where you can bike everywhere and have a lovely little happy baby who is no trouble at all? I have those dreams every now and then too – I think it sounds lovely….for some future version of me. I think it’s just kind of about the opposite of what you’re doing now, with all the running around and shoots, and exploring that. I would spring for the bike first ; )

  3. Usually when you have a baby in your dreams, it means birth of a new project or opportunity. Which, considering your super secret awesome news, I’m sure that’s exactly what it’s all about!

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