Wanted Wednesday

2179910956_c49a16b4c3{shespeaksoceans / for me, for you}

It used to be that there were only maybe 5 blogs that I visited religiously, went through the process of getting a feed reader for, checked everyday. That number has since expanded exponentially to the point where it usually takes me a good two days to get back to the start of my reader. It never fails though, in between reading everyone and their cat, I dart back to For Me, For You to check and see what Kate’s up to. I can’t help but love her amazing photos, her killer sense of style, her awesome finds – but what really gets me is the stuff in her “Crafty” folder on Flickr. Half of me wishes terribly she’d open an Etsy store, the penny pinching part of me is very very happy that she doesn’t. Check out For Me For You here, and her Flickr here. Prepared to be the ultimate combo of jealous and inspired.



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5 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. sweet.
    where is the “Crafty” folder? i can’t find it?

  2. omg – my list grows every day! it’s wonderful to see so much out there but it also takes me a while to get back to people and read their amazing posts. thanks for sharing this one here! can’t wait to check it out:)

  3. Hey Brookem – It’s down the right side of her flickr page – sorry, I should have been more clear!
    Chessa – I’ve done that on a couple blogs, sat down and read everything from the start. Yeeps.

  4. haha i am totally the same and now i have another to add to the list 🙂

  5. Oh my, you have completely made my day! I’m blushing.
    You also just gave me a kick in the ass to get myself together to get my etsy store open faster!

    seriously, thank you:)

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