The Awesome Imperative

call{Recovering Lazyholic via Daydream Lily}

Bonjour everyone! It’s only 7:30 and it’s already a fairly exciting day at M&C. Shall I tell you why? Yes! I have one piece of secret exciting news, PLUS I’m going to pick up my brand new SLR that is by all intents and purposes a birthday gift that I just can’t wait for, I submitted a rough draft of my thesis HOURS early last night and it’s going to be a nice day today.  Yes. I am also, in my excitement, exempt from all rules of grammar especially those pertaining to run on sentences.

However much I may ignore conventional grammar rules, I can’t ignore these perfect imperatives from Recovering Lazyholic (discovered via the fabulous Daydream Lily). Check them out, and enjoy. I’d like to print them off and hang them about my house as a reminder.. well, for just about everything. Have a good one y’all. xo



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3 responses to “The Awesome Imperative

  1. Congratulations on all the good stuff! Can’t wait for your news = )

  2. congrats on the rough draft!

  3. congratulations, doll! your enthusiasm is infectious today. 🙂

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