Friday Five

Brief quibble before we start with the angels and cupcakes – my house is surrounded by a moat. Not a small stream, not some “spring melt” but a moat that I cannot, despite my furious attempts, stretch my legs across. I have to walk all the way up the block and into a backyard to get to my castle, and as much as I truly do not mind a good brisk walk at 9pm at night in slightly ghettoville (I’m looking at you guy in the white 1960’s convertible..) I do mind stumbling into said moat in my Chucks when my myopia mistakes the moats.. um.. “depth” shall we say.

Other than that – things are good here. J and I find ourselves with an unexpected evening off together and like kids in a candy shop are trying to cram everything we never get to do together into one night. Hence, have dinner while watching Plants and Animals and going to a movie while sitting at home having a backgammon tournament. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Here are the Friday Five for this week, things that I’m thankful for. (I’m also going to slip in a 5.5 – Jared brought me home a salad last night filled with avocado, goat cheese, huge cranberries, candied pecans, croûtons, onions and cherry tomatoes that made my day…and possibly was the best thing I ate all week.)



{Guys.. my new camera.. *sigh* Obviously I’m not a pro, but having a camera back in my hands, having my camera eyes back… It makes me so incredibly happy. To have a way to record what is going on in my life..and to have such a fantastic, beautiful camera at that, I’m so thankful for a family that will send me a birthday gift two months in advance to make me this happy.}


{I just found out that the fashion issue going to print next week will be a 16 page pull out on nice paper.. something we haven’t really done before! I’m thrilled to tell you the truth, watching this come to fruition from the million e-mails across cyberspace, the picking and choosing of clothes and shoes, the confirmations from businesses and business people, the absolute kindness and patience that people demonstrated.. I cannot wait to see it in print, and I am thankful to the people who showed faith in me to ferry it there!}



{ In the midst of all the insanity – I am so thankful for the peace and quiet that has pervaded my home and life the past couple days. Perhaps I’m getting better at managing the chaos (which sounds suspiciously like a self help book) or perhaps it has dissipated, but it has been nice to come home and relax for a few minutes of the day.}


{It is entirely possible that just by thinking this I have essentially spooked the season, but the warmer days have lifted my heart. I have to say, even though they are only magpies, listening to birds outside my window that make sounds other than the tinkling of their broken notes hitting the ground.. makes me so grateful for even the prospect of spring.}


{My true, close friends are few and far between – but M. has been there for 11 years this year. From grade school, to traveling across provinces and miles of phone line to connect to me in foreign countries, he has been an inimitable force in my life. He lost his grandfather this week, and even in grief and disarray managed to be one of the most gracious, honest, wonderful friends I could ever wish for. I am so thankful for the friends that teach me how to be a better one.}



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5 responses to “Friday Five

  1. This is such a beautiful post, both to the eyes and to the heart. xo

  2. Elle Bee said it. Lovely. Now I just want to go home and sit cross-legged on my duvet surrounded by my jewelry.

  3. Winnipeg is so much the same right now it’s just silly – I’ve taken up running (don’t ask..) and it’s more like swimming right now. I can’t wait for Phase Two of the melt – when I can walk on all sidewalks in my heels without risking death!

  4. loveliness, and moats!
    the moat reminds me of Jackson Miss, during the rains.

  5. happy friday, lady 🙂

    enjoy the time at home–I have had to turn in two grant proposals this week, so I’m looking forward to thrifting expedition tomorrow with anticipation! …and lab. but that happens sometimes!

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