The Flora and Fauna


 By some incredibly strange set of consequences and luck this evening, J and I both have a Friday night off. Not just off from work, but… off. Everything that needs to be done is going to get done tomorrow in my sunny office, anything else that doesn’t need to get done by tomorrow certainly can be left for the night. So this afternoon as I waited for the Berry to buzz a “oh I forgot I have to do (blank)” message from J, or a “Can you come in and do (blank) from any number of people for me, we plotted.

And planned.

And came up with nothing.

I felt like Hepburn at Tiffany’s – We couldn’t afford anything.  *chuckle* However, by the graces of the good, sweet, gravelly voiced man on the other end of the line at the club who released extra tickets for us – We’re going to see Plants and Animals tonight. (Which was on the horizon this morning for all of the five minutes it took us to realize those enterprising hipsters had bought all the tickets. Damn you, damn you and your poorly applied blush. ) My luck has held however, and we now have tickets to a show and a night to ourselves. I think one of the last times we went to this venue J. had a hip flask filled with Captain Morgans that rusted in his pants. We’re classy folk like that – we got buzzed and got our iron content. Take care – hope everyone has a lovely Saturday evening! xoxo

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  1. sounds like a much better way to get iron than the blackstrap molasses the doctors wanted me to eat when i was anemic…

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