A New Project


{The new sheet set and duvet from vintage sheets I made! Look at handy me go.. I also love this photo..}

There was a lot of creativity flying around our little house this weekend – cameras were clicking, I sewed a new duvet cover (and you do realise when I say “sewed” I meant three straight lines and four buttons. But it’s beautiful) music was written, dances were danced, there was cutting and pasting and creating.. Sometime this morning when I realised that two of my toes had turned fucsia from paint, I smiled. I spend the day writing and singing and reading and plotting and it felt.. so.. good. So, there is going to be a new project debuting soon for all of you to see, and for the first time in a while I’m very very excited. xo



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6 responses to “A New Project

  1. Hurray! These are lovely. I’m so excited for you, dear!

  2. P.

    You are such a stud! Look at that! So impressed.

  3. it’s so very beautiful!!

  4. j

    what a good weekend! bedding is beautiful! bravo! i don’t like pink and flowery for clothing, but i think i do like it for bedding. looks sooo cozy!

  5. Ace

    That looks so so so beautiful. I’m so jealous!

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