A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest Blogger from Paris!

Hello All! Today’s Sunday Kind of Love comes to us direct from Paris. Lila is that fabulous student studying over in Aix (who turns us all green with envy) and when she offered to do a Sunday Kind of Love from Paris while on a trip with her boyfriend (I am now a jade color…) I couldn’t resist.  Please enjoy, and take advantage of Lila’s incredible offer at the end.. I did, and it makes me so .. so… happy. xoxo


Darling Sunday Loves,

Bonjour from beautiful Paris, where I am spending a long weekend with my sweetheart, who has come to visit me all the way from Minnesota. I am so excited to be guest blogging here on miel et cannelle, and I hope I can live up to all your expectations!

In honor of this endlessly lovely city, I’m going to share a few of my favorite French/Parisian things with you today, in the hopes of bringing a little bit of la belle vie home to you all…I’ve tried to keep it accessible, so most of these you can enjoy whether or not you actually jet off to France in the next few weeks!

158180078_e9c27cf139_o{La Tartine Gourmande}

{I made a much-anticipated trip to Ladurée today for some macarons! If they weren’t so delicious, I might just use them as decoration, as they are so pretty to look at! Ladurée made all the pastries and cakes for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, and the whole store has the same dreamy pastel color scheme. Vanilla happens to be my favorite of the flavors, but then, I am a simple kind of girl.}

bird-9{CherryBlossom Girl}

{I am the kind of girl whose idea of a date is sitting on the couch with M in my sweatpants, cuddling, eating greasy pizza, and watching old episodes of How I Met Your Mother. But if one day I decided I prefer champagne to beer, I would hope to be Alix. I know this is cheating a bit since she is not really a “thing” and I discovered her blog long before I came to France, but her blog is so dreamy and lovely and she is still my fairy tale idea of a French girl.}

(Every so often, when I don’t have too much homework, I get to hang out with my host sister Capucine and watch Plus Belle La Vie, a French television show that is all the rage in Aix, where I’m living. My favorite part of the whole program is when this commercial comes on. I don’t know if this is playing outside of France, but even if you’ve seen it before, it’s worth another watch. Frolicking in Paris! The balloons! The pink dress! Brigitte Bardot singing in the background! Couldn’t be cheerier.)

15421761_10_b{Urban Outfitters}

(French women wear scarves all the time, and have figured out a hundred different ways to tie them and look effortlessly chic. Meanwhile, I have been wrapping mine the same way since I was five. My host mom’s preferred brand is Hermés, but this one from Urban Outfitters is more in my price range.)

etre{PostSecret France}

{I love postsecret more than anything, but since I’ve been here I’ve developed a minor addiction to postsecretfrance as well. It’s a lot smaller than the original, but it’s equally addictive and based in the town where I live, Aix-en-Provence!}

il_430xn60017756{Irene Suchocki}

{Irene Suchocki’s photos of Paris. The Eiffel Tower has never looked so pretty. Nothing more needs to be said on this, except that she has an Etsy shop here.}

untitled{Simple Dolphin}

{When I was little, my mom got a job as a baker in a little patisserie in the town we had just moved to. Two weeks in, the head baker quit, and the owner had my mom fill in despite her lack of experience. After she left to go back to nursing, we used to come back and visit a couple times a month, and I would always get a pain au chocolat. Even now, I cannot get enough of them, which makes living in France quite an exercise in willpower. If you don’t know already, find a bakery in your town that makes them, because they are sublime.}

And last but not least…I love, love, LOVE getting mail, and I’m sure you do too, so here’s my proposition: send me your home address (battisl@carleton.edu) and I will send you a postcard, either from Paris or Aix, just to share a bit of the love.

Happy Sunday…may it be lazy and pastry-filled.




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4 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Guest Blogger from Paris!

  1. j

    awwww, so lovely, so dreamy! siighhhh…

  2. My Sunday has been lazy and lovely so far–I am sitting at my computer and looking out the window at the gray/cloudy day and at my daffodils in the vase next to me. Alas – I have to head into work soon and play with my cells. (stand back–I’m going to try SCIENCE!)

    …and oh goodness Lila goes to Carleton! that is in Minnesota! I am from Minnesota! I emailed her right away…how fun!

  3. That pastry looks tasty.

  4. i loved this! i needed a little parisian romance in my sunday. i’m ready to go. with andrea.

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