Monday Must Have(s) – The Cheap (ish) and Chic

Happy Monday Chums! It’s a busy week ahead of me with all sorts of goodies going on, including the fashion issue coming out on Thursday. This weekend was so rejuvenating, I feel like not only making it to the end of the semester, but doing so with a modicum of sobriety and self preservation. Go figure. What did you guys do this weekend? Did spring come to any of you? My Monday Must Have’s are a little spring inspired, I’m thisclose to just completely disregarding the weather and dressing like I want. Frostbite be damned. xoxo

antique-lace-white-mens{Blood is the New Black via Creature Comforts}

I do love this t-shirt company with their diversity of artists.. but this one takes the cake for me. It also came in black once upon a time, but sold out in anything my size. Plus side? Only 15$

16001265_01_b{Urban Outfitters}

I am fully aware (mostly because J. told me so) that these are illogical, look painful, and slightly.. mean. But, for some reason, I want a pair.. so.. so badly. And considering the last pair I looked at were 995$ D&G’s, these ones are positively a steal at 128$. Right ladies?



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3 responses to “Monday Must Have(s) – The Cheap (ish) and Chic

  1. So. much. snow.

    I love that you post lovely Springtime must-haves, it makes the endless winter seem less bleak.

  2. I have that type of shoes. It doesnt hurt like really tall stilletos do actually it’s much more comfy and look so fierce.

    You should consider getting a pair 🙂

  3. Oooh. Pretty T. It makes me want to go garage-saleing or basement hunting for a spirograph!

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