Tuesday Inspirations


{The softness of my new sheets, and how manly J looks wrapped in flowers}

{It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand what she’s saying. Francoise Hardy is so beautiful, you wouldn’t be listening anyways.}


{The Oxford Shirt Dress from AA}

il_fullxfull62856191{Dear Golden Vintage Heeled Oxfords}



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10 responses to “Tuesday Inspirations

  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t get over those little Oxfords. You always put terrible ideas into my head!

  2. I love these inspirations! the shoes are too wonderful…that is a trend that I’d be happy to follow.

  3. Haha. What is up with the interviewer in that clip? From now on I’m conducting all my interviews using that voice.

  4. I KNOW! It’s perfect. And I love how he asks her the funniest questions – she has the same hair style all the time, and he asks if she is planning on changing it.. and then is like “not that there is anything wrong with it…”

  5. I’m loving the Oxford shirt dress. It kind of reminds me of sleeping over at a boy’s house and wearing his shirt in the morning. Sigh.

  6. i love the sheets. you inspire me to get crafty. nice stuff.

  7. Those sheets! Perfection.

  8. Those sheets are so lovely!

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