Wanted Wednesday – Beesnetta

il_430xn59085666{Beesnetta – The Field Guide Bag}

To say that I like “big” bags is a little bit of an understatement. To say that I essentially have a hump equitable to the that of a world class violinist is actually more apt. I generally have everything I could need in the event of a) a hurricane (granola bars, water bottles, folded up duckie hat – which I guess proves how poorly I would really do) b) a fashion show (change of shoes, extra jewelery, bobby pins, safety pins, masking tap) c) a night out (combination of above). Add a camera, Blackberry, iPod, wallet, keys and textbooks to that – well, you can see why I’m the hunchback.

I want this bag. xo



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4 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Beesnetta

  1. I want that bag, too. And there is nothing wrong with a bag that can fit all your in case of emergency stuff inside. That’s impressive, ha.

  2. Thanks for the plug, much needed as I’m just getting my biz off the ground! I’m a hunchback too and carry way more then one would ever need during the day. But you never know when you might decide to read that magazine you’ve been schlepping around for three months. 🙂

  3. i am pretty sure that bag can double as an apartment. and i LOVE the name, Beesnetta!!

  4. omg…me too. I love them but I’m giving myself a hernia.

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