SEE Spring Fashion!


Hey everyone! It’s HERE! I’m so pleased, everything looks so beautiful – thank you to everyone (Loyal Loot, Nokomis, Bike Works, Soul Soup and Michael, Meryl and Angela) who made this so incredibly beautiful and special. Check out the slide show of the shots in the paper HERE, a behind the scenes look at some of the process HERE, and the article HERE. Thank you to all the bloggers (Kyla, Elle and Monica  I’m lookin’ at you here) who gave me such great career advice. xoxo


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7 responses to “SEE Spring Fashion!

  1. Congrats miss, it’s beautiful. You did such a fabulous job, I’m so proud of you!

  2. I can imagine that the picture of you biting your nails summarizes much of how you felt throughout the whole ordeal. 😉

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! As usual, you’ve outdone yourself, you creative little genius, you!

  4. WAY TO GO!!

    i am so durn proud of you, i could just kiss you!

    and those shoes have me in total covet mode. i love them all. especially those first ones! i’ve never even seen anything like that!

  5. Dat Guy in Kabul

    Wow…beautiful work sweetie….love it all.

  6. this is lovely! congrats 🙂

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