Monday Must Have


{Dress – Dear Golden, Shrug – Allen Company Inc}

Once upon a time, as recently as this Sunday

A girl insisted on acting like it was Monday.

She was glum, she moaned, she flailed around,

Didn’t do anything, melancholia abound.

She cleaned her house (mostly from spite)

Stayed up late and grumped about all night.

Monday came and she felt like a fool,

Whiny and lame and a bit of a tool.

So she did some therapy of the retail hype,

Found some lovelies of the boho type.

Sharing them here in exchange for understanding,

She was all too aware she could be a bit demanding..




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4 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. Anonymous

    I am totally obsessed with dresses (or tops) with a long ruffle on the front. They are just so perfectly spring!

  2. Tim

    A case of the mondays . . . on sunday?!
    That madam, is just not fair
    In that case, do have an amazing mondayday
    If it is possible. It is well deserved in any event.

    p.s does it count as a rhyme if I say sunday and monday?

  3. here i am, coming to your blog because i just do, often and there is my body! so weird! you know, if it’s a must have, it’s um, available to you! 🙂

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