Andrea vs. Jared on: jeans


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Topic: Jared’s Jeans.

Andrea: He buys one pair, wears them until they are obscenely full of holes (literally, I can’t let him around little kids, they’d sue) and then buys another pair. I say: Time to be a grown up and buy two pairs of pants. If you buys two pairs of pants, then you can rotate – wear one pair one day, give them a rest for a day and wear the other pair. That way, each pair lasts twice as long, which means the time between jeans purchase is effectively quadrupled. This is a plus considering J. doesn’t really like to shop. Also, you can have two different pairs of pants, which keeps people from thinking that they have below the waist deja vue.

Jared: For one, I am an adult. And, I have a better analogy. If you cut your grass everyday, you know what you get really good at doing? Cutting the grass. So if I wear my jeans everyday, guess what my jeans get really good at doing? Being jeans. If I have two pairs of pants, the other one is just going to get lonely while the I wear the first ones out, then I have to wear the other ones and try and make them feel better. Not my idea of a good time. 

Winner? Let us know. 



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9 responses to “Andrea vs. Jared on: jeans

  1. Andrea, you know how much I love you, but J’s answer was just too funny. I’m gonna have to go with him.

  2. Haha. You and Jared are adorable. I agree with you.

  3. hilarious. My bf used to do the exact same thing until I convinced him otherwise and now he will never go back to one pair of jeans.

  4. Tim

    I’m going to have to go with Jared on this one. While the appeal to not having to go shopping as much almost cinched it, having to wear-out the second pair to make it feel like the first negates that argument, and makes less sense economically speaking.

  5. nanu

    What is it with guys and ONE pair of jeans? My bf has two that he rotates but let’s talk about his shoes. He has several pair to wear but only wears one pair until they wear out.

    Pure madness.

    And, of course, I agree with you.

  6. Wait, are we supposed to own more than one pair of pants? I’m confused.

  7. p.

    Just get naked already!

  8. Cam

    Jared wins. I switched to two pairs of pants and just wore holes into two pairs simultaneously in about as much time as it took to wear one pair. Boy bits just wear holes. And of course all the roughhousin’

  9. Car

    J gets major points for cute analogy use :o)
    BUT the winner is A. My man recently bought nicer jeans and nicer shoes (he’s an adult now…) but there is still just one pair of each *sigh*

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