Thursday Inspirations – Cookies and Tea

1793550031_9e1bccabdd_b{tiger lily and tiny teeth}

I’m not usually a huge fan of Easter (save the abundance of chocolate and small animals) but I’m sort of in the mood for egg decorating and cookie making…


Can we talk about how excited I was to see this in the Nokomis Newsletter? Do you all remember how I made myself sick stuffing my face with their sugar cookies? *sigh* Now I can do that every day

il_430xn60728862{Laura Walls Taylor}

If I drank tea everyday looking at a little bird…Well, I think my life might be a whole lot cuter. 



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5 responses to “Thursday Inspirations – Cookies and Tea

  1. I need that cup, immediately.

    Your posts are always full of such good stuff & are so evocative. As always, thank you!

  2. Wow, I too need that cup!

  3. This whole post is fabulous! Mmm sugar cookies and tea from that mug. 🙂

  4. I just found your blog from a link on The Cookie Blog. I love the bunnies and that mug is cool! Thanks!

  5. Those sugar cookies look amazing! I’m loving the little bunnies!

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