Friday Five

Better late than never lovelies – have a beautiful weekend and thank you for such a wonderful week! Even you, man on train who made me smell like gin!  xoxo



Sometimes, there is that perfect somebody who is your saving grace, and this week it was Miss Elle. I sometimes forget how nice it is to just meet for coffee, to sit, to chat. I spent so much time in school, on projects, writing, reading – that I lost touch with so many people. It is wonderful to have somebody say, “No really. Let’s meet” – and then show up. It doesn’t hurt that Miss Elle is one of the smartest, coolest gals I know and I am perpetually envious of the fact that she always matches, and she has the coolest job. I am so thankful I get to be her pal.

jd38fizlwb_3171993291_b5b29b188e{Via ffffound}

These past two weeks have been kind of up and down for me academically – a lot of stress, a little bit of fun, some major stress presenting that paper. I’ve been contemplating some career decisions (and thinking that right now, being a dental hygenist might be ok) and having a major heart to heart with my brain. I’m so thankful for finding incredible support in two proffs, who, while perfectly comfortable talking about theories of ethics, theories of decision making, theories of right and justice, displayed their true colors when they let me (both) sob in their offices and gave me totally unequivocable support in fantastic ways.


{A clock without hands}

Even though my weekends are hectic, usually more than the weeks, the last couple have turned out to be.. stunning. I’ve managed on more than one account to get to the thrift shop with J. and pick up oodles of beautiful old books and such, sit and listen to music while we eat breakfast.. all of those beautiful, sunny things that weekends are supposed to be. I’m so thankful for the moments that remind me just how lucky I am. (gag, I know)


{Le Smoking}

To the incredibly kind, and very observant young man at the bus stop – thank you. I did need that cigarette. For all you observant people out there who have taken the time this week to say ‘stay for a chat’, ‘have another coffee’ and ‘would you like a cigarette?’ – Thank you, I will, I will, and would.


{Le Love}

Let us do a very quiet high five.. because guys.. *whispers* I think spring is almost here…




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4 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Oh miss, you are oh so very sweet. You’re smarter than the bozos in the philosophy boys’ club, and you know it.

    If you became a dental hygienist you’d be depriving the world of your other talents. I love listening to you and your views on the world. You’re such an interesting, insightful being.

    Also, you and J are adorable. I think you’re both a little lucky to have found each other.

  2. It sounds like you’re in the thick of it, in the best way possible. The spring is literally loaded with potential, and I know you’ll navigate through it gracefully and with an incredible amount of style.

    I’m thinking of you, and I’m glad you have a good foundation of people out there with you to offer you coffee & kindness on the rough days.

  3. Tim

    wait, the philosophy boys’ club??
    what, are you graduating with one too many guys??

    oh wait haha

  4. Car

    Ok, so it was raining and winding and just so mucky outside that the weather actually broke my lovely Pylones lady umbrella :o(

    THEN, it was so beautifully sunny with blue skies and just a touch of spring breeze yesterday that I busted the Birks out of my closet…

    Only to discover this morning that the newly green carpet of grass had been replaced with a sloppy white doormat. Yes, snow. In April. Of course. :o(

    I want to go for (Irish) coffee with you, A…
    I miss you. One last :o( for good measure.

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