A Sunday Kind of Love – The Trip

There is that smell that your skin gets in the summer, of being warmed by the sun, that I am longing for. The sting of pulling off a shirt after being in the sun too long, brown necks and burnt noses, sandy feet and fingers like DNA codes, ringed with tanlines.

We have been taking roadtrips in the summers,  to far places and to near places – this summer is still up for grabs. But in my mind I’m craving the ocean, cars with sunroofs and ice tea in cup holders, perfect music and a warm hand on my leg, sunglasses and salty hair. While the theory is beautiful, the reality is far more humorous – we will be lost, it will rain, and chances are J will be sick of Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix before I am… but his hand on my leg, the sun on my shoulders, these things I’m waiting for.

This Sunday kind of love is dedicated to the roadtrip I take in my minds eye – the one where I’m allowed to pack all that I want and choose almost nothing at all, where we find the magical music station that plays Coltrane and Stevie Nicks, where every diner serves good coffee and we never run out of film. And given our gypsy nature – the road trip where all of you come with us, caravan style. xo



{I’ll have to preface this by saying that everytime I put on a pair of sunglasses J looks at me and frowns. Not even as in “oh, not a nice color” or “oh, not your style”, he just out and out frowns. The man likes not one pair. HOWEVER, since the man that does not like sunglasses also does not drive on roadtrips, he will not only purchase a beautiful pair of sunglasses like this for me, wherein I look like a cross between Kate Moss and Dr. Ellie Sattler, but he will tell me every minute that I look like a beautiful cross between Kate Moss and Dr. Ellie Sattler. And I will drive and drive and feel glamorous.}


 {Aesthetically Pleasing}

{My mom used to talk about my grandparents having a trailer, and as a result whenever I see one I have this strange fantom memory, a longing, that I have created out of thin air. I lived in a trailer on a golf course by the ninth hole once (another story, another time), and my memories of trailers are permeated with smells of tar- from the traintracks nearby; toast – the only thing I think I ever consistently ate and serious, painful heartache. I’d like to replace them with memories of J, of sandy feet and bonfires…}


{Joan Baez by Life Magazine}

{Amazingly enough, I will also be able to play the guitar on this road trip. And, will morph into Lady Baez up there looking as beautiful and natural as all get out. Go to Life and type in Beach or Surfing, and you’re halfway to my dream vacation. NB – I don’t surf, and ususally burn. It’s my fantasy.}


{J Crew}

{Couple this shirt, those glasses and a bathing suit with the next item and you have my dream driving outfit.}


{Dee Double You}

{See what I’m getting at here folks? *smile* Please go check out Dee Double You in her shop and blog – she’s a lovely gal with heaps of style, and I’m sure would embark on such a vacation wholeheartedly!}


{The Blackbird from UrbanOutfitters}

{There is a phantom taking photos in my house. A 6’3″ phantom with curly brown hair and a penchant for airy, slightly out of focus beautiful photos.. I’ll pop my SD  card into the computer after taking some snaps, and there they are. It’s a funny thing, but I love it. There is also something to be said about having somebody else.. bear witness. To take photos of you in your moments, to make a record of you and your life that isn’t always awkwardly at your own arms length. I want to get him this camera for our road trip. That is, if the phantom in my home is willing to go lo-fi.}


{Brandi Strickland}

{If somebody decided to interpret the strange miasma of pictures and colors that float through my 70’s technicolor brain when I think about beach vacations (didn’t I mention that? Our caravan also time travels…) I think it would come out looking a lot like Brandi Stickland’s work. In her words – “The figures in my work often find themselves in strange and mysterious environments, taking the roll of seeker, explorer, scientist and mystic.” Yes, pretty much my idea of a great vacation… Check her out here. Beautiful, strange and captivating work.}



{Because those beachy nights can get a little chilly, every good travelling gal needs a sweater. I vote for this one.}

{You knew it was coming. Listen here.}

{My last memory of listening to Stevie was hurtling into Montreal with my mom and sister for boxing day last year, singing The Chain at the top of our sad sad tone deaf little hearts. She gets me everytime. So what if I have a slow motion 35mm daydream of me walking to a sweaty truck stop to the beat of Tusk. It’s not for everyone, but the idea driving to the ocean with Rumours as a soundtrack.. Kills me.}



Well my traveling lovelies – I will meet you at the truckstop for hot sweet coffee in thick white mugs. Bring your cameras, your bathing suits, and your lust for adventure. xoxo



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5 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – The Trip

  1. this is such a lovely post!

  2. I love Sundays for your beautiful posts…this is taking me to places that I also long for. ah, summer! I can’t wait!

  3. They’re not on sale until tuesday or wednesday this week – I’ll let you know!

  4. oh you’re so sweet to do this!! i have been slacking with my reader due to busyness so i missed this beauty of a post. but thanks sooo much lady 🙂

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