Monday Must Have




hanger021{Eatable of Many Orders}

I couldn’t choose just one thing from this incredible shop – truly. Everything feels like a cross between a southern revival and a missionary; so beautiful and light and perfect. Enjoy your Monday’s my little aubergines, I’m signing off for the day to wrap up my last thesis class and head to Fashion Week. xoxo



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7 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. take me with you today?

  2. Car

    That handbag looks like a curling rock. Clearly, I have been longing to watch curling. Don’t judge me. It’s like precision chess on ice with yelling. And I don’t know, A, those outfits make her look like more of a patient pre-surgery than anything else…

  3. am freaking out.
    am FREAKING out!
    i love this i supertotallyutterlywildly love this stuff.
    oh jesus.
    damn it.

  4. I love the second dress

  5. lovely. i especially love the third dress, such subtlety and refined detail. very nice.

  6. p.

    All that these outfits are missing is a rice field.

    Also, A I’m sure you can scam a few of those from the linen room at the hospital.

    Is it obvious that I wear polyester?

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