Two Lovely Things

easter7{After my extreme mini-egg binge I took a few pictures of what was left on my favorite tiered dessert tray – so beautiful. These photos made me smile. We don’t really have much of an “Easter” celebration around here, but I have to say, the mini-eggs are dangerous.}

poloroid {Awwwh yeah ladies… that’s right, Ottawa’s Victoire has laid some virtual brick and mortar down and built themselves an online shop! Please, peruse at you leisure (see: in your undies) here, and don’t forget their lovely blog here. I can’t wait to visit this summer! Congratulations ladies, I’m sending you a virtual bottle of gin for your virtual housewarming. }




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5 responses to “Two Lovely Things

  1. How did you know?! Gin & tonics are our favourite drinky! Thanks! And lovely lovely picture of mini eggs!

  2. Sara

    I bought my sisters and brother mini easter bunny chocolates today! I couldn’t resist their cuteness!
    Why is the shop that adorable? I need an internet card ( I am currently broke due to the recent purchase of a semi-pro camera!!)

  3. Mini eggs are my butt’s arch nemesis.

  4. Car

    I want those eggs! Scratch that. My thighs request that I just want the photo of those eggs on that platter! Also, I convinced ze German that we should actually hunt for chocolate eggs tomorrow instead of real eggs. Silly Germans…

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