Meeses’ Pieces

dsc_0500{Tressa Heckbert}

Another night down! I have to say, Tressa Heckbert’s show was incredible last night. The clothes were so well tailored, the color palate was balanced and totally wearable, the cuts were modern but interesting with superb vintage throwbacks here and there, the detailing just perfection.. I was so happy. The show itself was fantastically executed, the models uniform and they fit their clothes, which I loved, the hair and makeup were clothing appropriate (what, no purple hair extensions?) the music and pace were perfect. I’m a sucker for themes-call me crazy I think they can be of use, when you sense a storyline.  She presented such a cohesive, well thought out and attractive show, I’m heading to Meese ASAP.. and so should you. Click here to visit the online Meese shop, and be very sad you missed the show. *smile*  

PS- I totally forgot to mention that the lovely and friggin’ hilarious Miss Elle came with me – her chuckly-full review of the night is here.



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2 responses to “Meeses’ Pieces

  1. Love, love, love this picture. It turned out so well!

  2. so gorgeous. SO. you lucky bird!

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