Thursday Surprise – Giveaway!

dsc_0580Hello tangelos! I’ve been having the loveliest day, and I went to the shop to pick up a couple photos that I printed and they made it even better.. So, I wanted to share my beautiful warm day and happiness with you and giveaway one of these prints I had done! They just feel so spring to me, and maybe it’s the weather, maybe its the end of school, but thought you’d enjoy them. Plus, I’m thinking about opening up an Etsy photography shop and wanted to figure out if the interest would be there.. *nerves*

So, leave me a comment with a way to contact you and I’ll draw a name next Thursday! If you repost about the giveaway on your blog, I’ll gladly give you another entry. All the love and sunshine of spring – and good luck! xoxoxo



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16 responses to “Thursday Surprise – Giveaway!

  1. Tim

    I think this is an excellent idea, even though I think you are already over-burdened, but you do have some great photography!

  2. pick me! pick me! I love it:)

  3. I don’t want to encourage a workaholic—but they are ever-so lovely 🙂

  4. OOoh soo very pretty! ❤ your blog

  5. Jen

    Your photos are really lovely. I stumbled upon your blog recently and think it’s fab.

  6. p.

    Do it!
    (I just want some free shit.)

    ETSY is the perfect one-stop-set-up-shop for you! And you KNOW I love your photography 🙂

  7. that’s beautiful! i’d love a chance to enter to win!
    happy friday, sugar!

  8. YES! Lars and The Real Girl… I loved it so much. Lars is so unbelievably sweet.

    Really beautiful photo, so soft. I’d love to win it! An etsy shop is a great idea – if you’re up to it, I’m sure the interest would be there. Mine is, anyway!

  9. Umm you know that would look fab in my new kitchen. Haha and you should so open an etsy shop…you have fabulous taste and your photos are so lovely 🙂

  10. oh oh OH!! so very very beautiful. i’d treasure it.

  11. Zoe

    Your photographs are lovely, I’d buy them! It can be daunting putting yourself out there like that, but Etsy’s a great place to do it. I hope it works out for you. Yay for renewed energy and springtime!

  12. Car

    YES! More work for you! To satisfy my selfish desires! YES YES YES! Me likes! :o)

  13. oh this is lovely!! what a beautiful picture. who doesnt love flowers? it makes me think of summer

    if i win i’ll send you something too – trading is better 🙂

  14. Look at all the interest in your lovely photos! I told you earlier this week (last week now?) that I think it’s a good idea… but here I am again, telling you how wonderful you are. xo

  15. Deb

    I love the photo and would like to see it hanging in my room. It makes me happy.

  16. Woah! I thought I had entered! Yikes, that was close.

    Consider me entered, I have a craft room in need of decoration.

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