A Sunday Kind of Love – Bits and Bobs

Hello lovelies. Unfortunately, my urge to be at the computer hasn’t really returned, despite the fact that I’m required to be sitting here at one all afternoon. I have to say, like a fickle little girl, I’ve sort of fallen out of love with this blog. I don’t dig the design, but have been trapped (damn you WordPress) and unable to export somewhere else.. I don’t want to lose all the past posts and comments, but at the same time want to start fresh somewhere else…  Or maybe, at this point, not at all!

Don’t I sound a little bit whiny? The truth is, I really do enjoy blogging, I enjoy your comments, I love that I have a good, solid readership base, and this really isn’t something that I flippantly do. There are ups and downs- I’ve got a handful of friends who’ve completely lost touch in real life, but they’ve been supplanted by some that have extended out of the blogosphere and now take the time to be both. I’d feel a little bit better if I could find a way to take this blog somewhere else, give it a new name, and still have you all come with me.. Is that asking for cake and a fork?

At any rate, that, trifectaed (it could be a verb..) with my final thesis draft, some work stress, exams and life itself has been giving me the whatfor this weekend. So instead of our usual Sunday Kind of Love I’m posting all the things I’ve fallen for this week – hope you enjoy.


{Sometimes the Saatchi Gallery just gets it SO right – Here’s what they said about Jansson Stegner – “Jansson Stegner’s canvases contrive a humorous blend of romanticised beauty and pop culture dumbness… Stegner adopts the pastoral hues and elegant compositions of historical painting to portray images of contemporary longing.” Perfect, and left me oddly uncomfortable, not entirely unlike watching Reno 911}


{I think Andrew Fladeboe has a magic camera that catches the moments between the shutter clicks, between the smiles. Regardless, I want it. Or him. Haven’t decided.}


{With geometric designs  inspired by landscaping plans, Yoran Morant puts my rock collection, replete with googly eyes, to shame. Via Ashes and Milk}


{I have a stack of scarves that I brought back from India (and by stack.. I mean about 100+) that currently have taken over the top of my closet with silky shock and awe… However, this does not mean that I could not add one more piece of gossamer wonder from the neutral slash cayenne madness that is Uniform Studio. And, incidentally, so could you.}


{Don’t you long for days when we still made forts? Hell yes. See more pictures here..}


{So beautiful and classic, I’ve been lusting after these for a few weeks.. Find them at Blanca Monros Gomez}


{I’m the absolute last person to recommend books (lets face it, the last time I read something not required academically I chose a Stephanie Plum mystery) but I really like this book. I’m reading it in between being outrageously stressed and mildly stressed, and thinking that Car, you should be proud of me. It has somewhat eased my mostly uneasy relationship with food – if only by pointing out that there’s a reason that relationship exists. POW! Was that a teaser or what? PS -We are also considering turning “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants” into a rap. }

ps – Don’t forget about the giveaway! I expect each and every one of you to enter. See, this was my ploy to get you all to de-lurk… come out come out..



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6 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Bits and Bobs

  1. Oh, forts! I want to be proposed to in a fort (I had read about it somewhere..) also, I think they would make very pretty photo booths!

  2. Oh Miss, as I find a new blog home you’re looking to leave yours, my goodness- we’re ying and yangy.

    My first thought is to reduce your posting frequency before you totally abandon. You post a lot – try posting three times a week, see how that feels. And you can export all your posts if you want to move, or you can start over.

    If you let people know where you’re going, they’ll follow. Even if, like me, you change user names, make your old site completely separate from your new one. You have an amazing eye for style, & a strong voice – wherever you write you’ll have an audience.

  3. love it here, will follow!

  4. that fort is AMAZING!!!

  5. I am envious of your scarf collection.

  6. I have also read “In Defense of Food” (last summer sometime), and thought it was great!

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