Monday Must Have – I can’t kill these!

I’m not going to lie folks – a little bummed that I can’t keep anything (save my little succulent) alive. Jared and I were looking at budgies this weekend (another sign I’m not ready for something with a heart beat: I was color co-ordinating the pastel ones with my house) and he carefully pointed out that I couldn’t leave a budgie on a radiator either. And that we’d have to find a way to move it cross country. Which of course, prompted amazing fantasies of us in a truck with a budgie on a string singing away to country tunes with us. A) Budgies do not like strings I assume. B) I do not like country. C) We do not have a truck and I would forget about the budgie and it would fly out the door and I’d make Jared drive around looking for it. 

SO – I’m going with what I know here, and I know my little succulent (Plant Watch 2009: Soil moist, leaves healthy, appears pleased with sunshine) is doing well. These little suckers seem to be popular via the web lately and I’ve been coming across gorgeous little photos of them en masse. I’m also REALLY wanting an air plant – does anybody know where to find these? (I was going to make an obscene comment about models and girls who don’t eat. But you can do it for me). Hope you all have a lovely Monday, it’s filled with sunshine here and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

il_fullxfull65286495{via Monkeys Always Look – this lady is the featured seller.. and she has a truly hilarious interview up..}

picture-11-470x311{airplants via Unruly Things – my deepest blog crush}

dsc_0104{More succulents than I could kill in a lifetime via 2 or 3 Things}

Don’t forget about the giveaway folks…. please…



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5 responses to “Monday Must Have – I can’t kill these!

  1. across country? are you going somewhere I don’t know about?

  2. Pretty! Yeah, I can’t actually keep plants alive either, which is a shame, because I really love them!

  3. I wasn’t too good with plants when I was younger, but I have gotten better. Both my parents have green thumbs, and I have slowly learned how to keep them alive. Or at least keep hearty ones alive. Succulents are beautiful. I hope they are as hearty as the ones I have!

  4. nanu

    We had an air plant when I was growing up but it didn’t survive. Not quite sure why.

    Love succulents though. If you want a plant that looks good and is easy to take care of, get a pothos or dracaena.

  5. Those are so cute somehow.
    I’ve never owned a succulent or an air plant 😦

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