Dance Break – Nothing to Worry About

I really couldn’t decide if I liked this.. then I saw the video. Then I thought about the fact that I was done my thesis (except for presenting a lecture), that I only have exams left, and that this video has Elvis look-a-likes.. and I thought yeah. There is nothing to worry about.



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3 responses to “Dance Break – Nothing to Worry About

  1. My dance break today:

    It’s from a mix that a friend (well…boyfriend) made for me last year as I was jetting around the country on graduate school interviews. Now, it’s a song that I associate with the craziness of those decisions and that time…quite fondly, of course. But I just found the video today, and wow. Just wow.

  2. Car

    Japanese rockabilly!?!?! Hilarious! Thanks, A. I love running into rockabilly posses. Brewsters downtown used to get this great group for brunch.

    Pour te remercier, une autre pause de danse:
    un peu de Tecktonik de France ;o)

  3. I love this song – we did a lot of car dancing from Vancouver to here to this song.. Thanks for reminding me. Bisous.

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