I’m dirty, and you’re winners.

I’m going to assume that this happens to everyone just so I don’t feel weird. I get on these weird jaunts where I only want to eat one thing.. for about two months a couple years ago it was only spinach salad with strawberries and goat cheese, that progressed to grilled swiss cheese sandwiches with chili garlic sauce, after that it was chunky chicken corn chowder, then it was white wine.. then it was red wine.. then it was rye.. then it was gin. And now? Now? Avacados and spicy brown sugar pecans.

Which is what I had covering all my fingers when I drew the names for the draw. 


{Anal retentive Andrea hand letters everyones names..}

dsc_0780{Put them in the prettiest bowl she had..}

dsc_0781{And pulled out with her sticky fingers two names!}

My personal hygiene and poor eating habits are your benefit ladies! I will send you both an e-mail this evening. Thank you to everyone for entering, you’re all so wonderful..



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8 responses to “I’m dirty, and you’re winners.

  1. Congrats ladies.

    I’m so terribly excited about how cute my name looks there, I don’t even care that I missed out on the prize!

  2. I love your drawing method – thank you!!

    Just for you, I’ll stop posting about Gwenyth Paltrow for at least a week. I had a post about how I want to steal her children all planned and everything too. It’s all for you!

  3. Kyla – Thats ok – I would steal her children too. SERIOUSLY. The ransom…

  4. ….so, a dorky thing I do…cut out how other people write my name from birthday cards and such, and collage it onto a keepsake box. My mom thought I was nuts, but now that some of my grandparents are deceased, I can look at the box and see their handwriting of my name, which makes me smile.

  5. Ohh pretty names!
    Congrats you two =D

  6. haha the title is the best! and i am grateful for it! YAY, i cant wait to get it 🙂

    i am also on a huge avocado kick right now, i get the same way with food and clothes!

  7. j

    where have i been?! wah… missed this whole event. hope ya been well. loving all this eye candy. the wood installations (newer post)!!! ahhhh!!!!

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