Travel On

dsc_0636{Check out this kick ass suitcase.. It makes me want to take the train and drink tea and wear a hat. Right now I just carry it around the thrift store then put it back before we leave. Nobody appears interested in it (it’s been there for about two months)…what do you think?}

ps- Don’t forget to enter the giveaway – I’ll draw the name tonight at about 6! xoxo


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10 responses to “Travel On

  1. Pretty! And it looks like it’s in such great shape.

  2. I like it, but I’m not in love with it. I have a really awesome vintage suitcase that’s red, white and blue. I call it my Gidget suitcase, because I imagine she would have brought a similar one on her trip to Rome. I do love Gidget… Anyway, I think I’m just comparing your suitcase to mine, which is slightly unfair.

    Ok, actually, maybe I do like your suitcase.

  3. Dorian has dragged me away from thrift store suitcases like this on more than one occasion. But that’s just because he doesn’t understand that it looks like something the woman from Compartment C, Car 123 by Edward Hopper would carry and is therefore awesome.

  4. nanu

    My mom has that suitcase. It’s filled with all of her funky bell bottoms and hot pants from the 70s.

  5. ALANA! *laugh* Be nice!
    Sarah – You totally get it. Mayhap I will come visit you with this suitcase
    Nanu – So so cool.. I don’t think my mom kept any of her clothes. *sad face*

  6. i dig the suitcase. and also, your scarf!

  7. You’re so cute!

    I love vintage luggage, there’s a store that just recently opened up in my neighborhood that is so impossibly well styled it’s scary, and it’s stocked to the rafters with beautiful old suitcases. I go in just to visit them on the weekends.

  8. p.

    I like the tan colored one on the shelf behind you… it’s shy, but sturdy (see handle) and it’s sticking it’s head out slightly with the hope you’ll notice it’s subtle appeal… and you could plaster stickers all over that which would make it totally rad!!

    (There. I used ‘RAD’ in a sentence today. Ahhh.)

  9. I use suitcases to store my holiday decorations, larger platters, and other odds and ends…it’s so much more fun than having boring old boxes. And this way you have the recognition of, “Oh I remember where I put this! It’s in my green 50’s suitcase with the silver buckles, not the blue key-latch suitcase from the 70’s.” Or at least that’s how I remember.

  10. Ohh that’s gorgeous! I want it!

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