Surprisingly, this craft didn’t contain macaroni.

So I had time on my hands. And was inspired by all the crazy fabric necklaces out there. And by those strange friendship bracelets we all obsessively knotted away at as children… Anyone..? Just me?

dsc_0790So I grabbed my extra large safety pin and some strips of this crazy Warholesque purple poppy print fabric that I found.. 

dsc_0791And I friendship knotted away to my little hearts content, then used my fancy needle nose pliers to pull apart some Forever21 atrocity left at our house during a party (random hippie girl – your necklace has been reincarnated into something far better) and sated my crafting compulsion for another week. 




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11 responses to “Surprisingly, this craft didn’t contain macaroni.

  1. Cute. But where’s the picture of you modeling your creation?

    Ah the days of friendship bracelets… safety pin hooked to the knee of your jeans in class… I probably couldn’t get away with that at work, hey?

  2. Um, Andrea? I want.
    Like, a lot.

    Very nice work!!

  3. oh my god, I LOVE THAT! the color, every little thing about it!
    open an etsy shop! now!

  4. Awh,, you guys are too sweet.. xoxox

  5. Lara

    You. Are. My. Style. Inspiration!!!

  6. …am I the only girl that didn’t learn how to make friendship bracelets? oops.

  7. Brookem beat me to this but I’ll say it anyway –
    Etsy shop!!

    And yes, I used to make so many friendship bracelets. Aww.

  8. no not only you…

    this is really fun, I remember this time and made so many… where are they all gone?

  9. wow i LOVE this!! amazing…….good idea too, hmm you’re giving me ideas now!
    also i just love those shades of blue and green, definitely my favourite colours

  10. ooh! i love this. great inspiration.

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