Friday Five

Happy Saturday my lovelies! I’m sorry that the Friday Five is a little bit late this week, but to be perfectly honest, there hasn’t been so much good going on at Casa Miel lately. To be brutally honest, the shit has hit the fan and yours truly has been wholly uncapable of dealing with it. As in, asleep by 9:30 via tranquilizer so that I don’t have to think of the pile of merde that I must shovel. What is worse is that I don’t feel comfortable even talking about it here (THAT is how bad it’s gotten) until I figure out what I’m doing, what is happening, and where dear Andrea may find herself in 7 days time. Hint: Rhymes with weeping. Wait..

BUT, until then we sally forth, right? We recognize the beauty in the beast, the added protein value of the fly in the soup, and the value of keeping ones chin up. (It makes you thinner.) And gin. Gin helps.


{Abby Trys Again}

{School.. is.. almost.. over. It’s a very strange feeling, one that I’ve been wrestling with a little these past few days. I’m waiting to put a full time post up about it for when my brain is settled from exams. But I’m thankful for the fact that after four years of education, that I’m the type of person that thinks before she speaks. Types. You know. Because that’s all I got from school. That, and a damaged liver. And ulcers. But I’m cool. }


{Via Ffffound} 

{The horribleness has been accompanied this week by incredible good. It appears that as many people that are lining up to pledge their allegiance to ass-hattedness,  there is an equal or greater  shining number of people who have been truly remarkable. My dearest friend Sabine whom I only have the rarest occasion to see in person has provided amazing and hilarious support via e-mail, if nothing else than to say that she’s signed up for a bootcamp that starts at 6am twice a week and that no, I do not actually have a biological clock.  I am thankful to have friends like her who remind me I am loved, and remind me that no matter how much people might suck sometimes, it’s never so bad that I want to sign up for a 6am bootcamp for fun. Not that Sabine’s life is bad. But seriously. Jesus.}

il_430xn565235971{From the amazing LiveLovePaper – my new fav Etsy shop.}

{I’ve had the luxury this week to indulge in a little creativity. I often put off things that I want to do for so long that I forget them all, (and before you say it, I used to have a journal where I wrote my ideas down but it was forgotten as well..) and it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to just sit down and create.  This week I actually put aside real time (as opposed to that crazy faux time – it itches) to sit and make things. With my hands. Something that wasn’t a)dinner, b)dinner or c)trouble. I’m so thankful for that time, and what came out of it!}

20081215215854{We Heart It}

{Ok. While I extract firmly my tongue from my cheek, I say this with real sincerity – I’m thankful for the trouble that comes my way. As much as sometimes I want to cry in front of all the Phillipeno people on my bus, or never leave my house, or go on unemployment and have 6 kids because it might just be easier (Joking mom. Joking Joy.) … I’m proud of myself for being the type of person who keeps going. Even if when I told my mom about my horrible week she said “Holy Jesus Christ” and I could hear her shaking her head against the receiver…she followed that by reminding me I’m a fighter. And I play to win. And all those hilarious sports analogies that don’t work because my family (save my brother) have the sporting capacities of cheese rind. BUT, it’s true. So.. thanks trouble. You sometimes serve to remind me of my metaphorical balls.}


{We’re going to go totally lowbrow. (AS IF you didn’t know thats how I roll) But during my horrible week, there have been moments of incredible hilarity. And it was brought to me by I am not even kidding you. You know what else the lolcatz brought me? The realization that if I ever get caught speeding, or doing something illegal, the first thing that I’m going to say to the cop in my sweetest voice is “I can has cheezburgerz?” It makes everything ok folks. Everything. Everything except posting a real lolcatz photo on here. I felt.. dirty.}





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5 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. As my grandfather always said, “This too shall pass—when things aren’t so good, remember that they will get better, and when things are going wonderful remember to really enjoy them for all that they are worth, for you never know what tomorrow will bring.”

    Also, as per number five, may I direct you to:

    Smiles are guaranteed.

  2. I suppose this begs the question: have you had the Portland youcanhazcheeseburger? I nearly died.

  3. my god.. I have no idea what you’re talking about.. but I’m intrigued.. and hungry

  4. $5 youcanhascheeseburger!:
    burger between two texas-toast grilled cheese sandwich “buns”

  5. i admit it, i did not read the post. all i saw was the kitten photo and i am reduced to tears. !!!!!

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