A Sunday Kind of Love – Home Edition

My home has always been my sanctuary. I am so very private about it, and rarely bring anyone into it that isn’t a good friend or a carpet cleaner. However, of late I’ve really been craving a lovely little party with food and wine, to fill my home with laughter and music; to do some chi spring cleaning if you will. Since I’ve been a little pressed for time, I thought that maybe I would invite you guys into my home – show you the things that I love, the things that I lust for, and we could have ourselves a little party while doing it. So come on in.. make yourselves at home!


{Our tiny little front alcove/hall is always changing. We recently bought a little mid century style telephone table to put purses and keys and a letterbox on, but this mirror is my favorite recent find. I found it at the thrift shop, sitting beside a little old lady napping on one of the couches. I tried to wake her up and ask her if it was hers.. in the end I just grabbed it and ran. However, if you’re not into pilfering mirrors from little old ladies, then take a look at this beautiful mirror below from Uncommon Eye. Fabulous!}

il_430xn61435546{Uncommon Eye}


{My kitchen truly is the heart of my home. Whenever I’m stressed, happy, or hungry, you can find me there. I really do adore cooking and baking and the gift of this beautiful vintage French cookbook and Fire King bowls from P. was one of the best housewarming gifts I’ve ever gotten. Our family’s history has been passed down and our memories made through our recipes and our times in the kitchen; my mother writes on every recipe card where the recipe came from and when she got it. In a funny way, my recipes have become a growing and changing extension of hers, and our memories as well. For example, while living with us my brother always made a simple raspberry vinaigrette that is popular in our family. Though listed in my mothers recipe book as from this friend or another, Jared transcribed it into my recipe book as “Nic’s Salad Dressing”. It made me smile – it has a new history.  Here’s that recipe:

Nic’s Raspberry Vinaigrette

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp raspberry vinegar

4 tablespoons vegetable oil

Whisk and let sit for 1/2 hour. Serve over red lettuce with fresh parmesan.


{Our enormo living room window looks out onto a little street always filled with children. This is both a blessing, and a complete and utter curse at times. Blessing: there is a little girl who periodically walks out of her house, gets naked, and wears a cardboard box around most of the day. Curse: Whoever said the laughter of a child was a beautiful thing was on drugs. These screechy little monsters can wake the dead. Or me. At 7am. For your listening pleasure: Kids by MGMT which is most definitely on my next party playlist.}


{Our cameras!}

{We are slowly accumulating a large number of cameras in our home, and its one of my favorite collections to cultivate. The one on the upper right was an incredible gift from Jared’s parents, and one of my favorites so far. I’m on the lookout for an old Brownie now, something a little like this..}

il_430xn63822409{Vintage Kodak Brownie Camera – Vixen and Prudence}


{I’m a big fan of collections, pieces of art interspersed with oddities and…jackalopes. These pieces all hang above our couch in our living room, and all have different stories. The woman is a piece by Vijay Belgave that I fell in love with in India. It was in a beautiful gallery that didn’t have a roof! I returned to look at it so many times that my mother eventually bought it for me for my birthday. I love her so. The Jackalope was a gift from an old friend who I had many laughs with, and it elicits so much laughter and funny questions that it couldn’t be a better memento of that friendship. The girls with birds for heads was the very first thing that I bought from Etsy – or rather my mother bought for me! (And sadly, I do not remember the name of the shop..) The scissors, which Jared refuses to sit under (aptly noted) are old farm shears that we picked up at a vintage market for a dollar. We have tens of pieces left to frame.. but that does not mean I haven’t been lusting after another.. like this one..}



{This is one of the strangest pieces of art in our collection. It was procured at a “draw” at a “punk” show where I may or may not have “flirted” with the draw girl, who may or may not have kept my ticket in her hand so I would “win” and may or may not have tried to “date me” before I ran away with this “art” . I love it. And it sorta smells like cheap rye and coke.}


{Jared and I just discussed that we need a new bookshelf – the other 12 shelves like the four above are stocked full vertically, horizontally, and even with a layer of books behind it. Insane I tell you. We’ve also been picking up tonnes of crazy vintage editions at thrift shops lately, which is only adding to the overall beauty… and crowdedness. However, I do have a terrible penchant for lending out books and then forgetting them. So I’d love to get some of these for my collection – awesome hey? Then at least my babies could travel..}

il_430xn65001109{From By Vik Ink}


Hope you all enjoyed your little visit.. One day I’ll post bigger pictures of our little abode..when it’s tidy. Thanks for coming over, wish I could have you all here in real life…xo



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9 responses to “A Sunday Kind of Love – Home Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing your house! It’s so adorable. My dad also has a pretty sizable camera collection- you would love it! Whenever we stop at yard sales or thrift antique shops, he always checks out old cameras. I’ll have to take a picture of his collection next time I’m home. And oh, PS, when I have my own apartment, I will definitely invite you for a tour 🙂

  2. Tim

    I’m still absolutely jealous of your robot and dinosaur painting. It’s phenomenal.

  3. Your home is SO beautiful miss, thank you for the tour! I’m working on making ours more homey and full of corners with history and collections. Your place is wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

  4. I love that mirror. Love.

    I also love your “library”. Books make me so ridiculously happy.

  5. p.

    I’m glad we chose pieces that didn’t get regifted… but mostly that they made you smile 🙂

  6. Your home is lovely! I wish mine looked like that — I need to work at making mine a little more homey. The kitchen is also the heart of my home, though it’s a little too small for all the kitchen gear I have. 😉 The next place I rent better have a bigger kitchen!

  7. I love the mirror! I’m moving to my very. own. apartment. in August, and I’m so excited to find awesome thrift store things and make them my own.

    Also- we were told on a trip to South Dakota when I was 9 that we’d get $100 if we saw a jackalope. When I saw one in a store wall, I demanded the money from my dad…only then did he clarify it had to be alive. Boy was I mad…

  8. I actually have an old Brownie like that! Well, without the giant flash-creature.

  9. Ace

    You just made me snort with that children comment, and I am at work. I snorted, out loud. There’s a day care below my work, they howl. No, not laugh, not yell, they howl, like dogs, all day long. My ears are actually bleeding by the end of the day. Love your blog by the way! Very cute.

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