Have a snack while you wait, angel.


Hullo cupcakes. I’m uncharacteristically at work this Sunday morning – so the Sunday Kind of Love will be a little bit late today. I’m rolling with a different theme today, so I hope you like it…As a placeholder, I offer you the cupcake that I woke up to this morning. Yes, Jared returned home from work at 2am last night with cupcakes. And he doesn’t even work at a bakery. (I know. Man of the year.) In my groggy state this morning as I stumble-ran to the coffee machine the equation went like this “Andrea go to sleep – no cupcakes. Andrea wake up – cupcakes. Andrea believe in magic and/or God.” (I don’t conjugate that early in the morning. Which sounds like an Elizabeth Taylor quote). Hope you all have a lovely morning and I’ll see you this afternoon! xoxo

ps – Funny story about cupcakes. Jared and I were in Seattle walking to a Blitzen Trapper show when Jared said “Ohhhh…Blitzen Trapper.. Reindeer Hunter”, making the obvious translation. I didn’t understand, I just though we were doing a fun “yell out words that sound good together” game, so I say with a huge grin “ANGEL CUPCAKE!” and proceed to giggle and wait for the next words. Jared stared at me in wide eyed silence, and we kept walking. It wasn’t until about a block later that I realize what was going on. And that he loves me very very much.



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3 responses to “Have a snack while you wait, angel.

  1. You’re strong darling, you’ll make it through all the merde that’s going on.

    Jared is a good boyfriend. Aw. He certainly does love you very, very much.

  2. what a sweet, sweet boy! (no pun intended)

    ps. i added you to my revolving feature blogs list… did i tell you already? ayiyiyi…


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