dsc_0876I’m sure there were a million and one other things I could have been.. scratch that…should have been doing this morning, but we picked up this enormous pin board yesterday for 10$ and I wanted to put it to use. My jewelry was going to waste in piles, bowls and boxes and I often didn’t wear it because of it. So I did a little bit of color coding this morning and pinned everything up. I really like the way it looks!Ā 

fly1I like the way Mr. Dandy pants looked this morning too on his way out the door. He kinda has the “Andrea I’m late for work” face on, but he sat still for thirty seconds. Not bad Jared.. Not bad. xoxo



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11 responses to “Show-offs..

  1. I did the same thing with my jewelry years ago. It’s all pinned on a board beside my mirror so it’s easier to coordinate in the mornings. It means my necklaces are in a tangled bunch less, and worn more.

  2. Ok, proof that we’d make amazing friends- my jewelery is up on a cork board as well šŸ™‚ Jared is slightly adorable.

    Oh, and I can’t write this on my blog because my mom reads it, but my cute best guy friend, the one with the flower tree…totally kissed me on Saturday. I’ve been gliding ever since. So happy. Haha for some reason I really wanted to tell you.

  3. Ok, apparently I was just WAY behind on this one? What the heck. Everyone already all knew this. I bed you all keep your socks rolled together so you can find pairs don’t you? Sheesh. *laughing*

  4. haha half of my socks is rolled but the other half is always “on the go”… and my jewelry as well, I really need something like that board…


  5. I love what you’re using the board for. That’s a fantastic idea!

  6. I inherited most of my grandma’s jewelry (along with her penchant to buy jewelry) so I have about four shoeboxes worth of jewelry all self-contained in their own clear plastic bags…it’s certainly not a perfect solution, but it keeps them all dust and tarnish free. I love the color coding, though—so lovely…

  7. I should definitely do that, I keep loosing my stuff..

  8. Anonymous

    That is such a brilliant storage solution! I just bought a $4 vintage jewlery box that I’m in love with, but I have plans to make my craft room part powder room and with a pretty mirror and a tack board like that I could do it!

  9. oh i LOVE how that looks, and the man looks cute too šŸ™‚ nice work!

  10. p.

    J looks smokin’ hot here. Sophisticated-Sexy.
    Are those drum sticks in his pocket or is he just happy to see you?
    (I had to. Sorry.)

  11. That pinboard idea is brill! I’ve been brainstorming what to do with mine!

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