Wanted Wednesday

Hello cupcakes. If I felt somewhat human, if I didn’t smell like drain cleaner, if I hadn’t decided to go all Elizabeth Taylor on a bottle of jager…and six pack of beer…but not before prepping my tummy with tequila… Then I might have a witty reason why today’s Wanted Wednesday is so late. As it stands, my only contribution to the world, and subsequently to Earth Day, was weaving about my house this morning moaning “bad news bears…. holy jesus…bad news bears…” and stumbling to Starbucks to ask them “Bring cup free coffee yes?” before stumbling home. This was followed by the worst move of all – pulling out the couch into a bed to lay and watch Planet Earth all day, which induced nausea every time I saw something at the top of the food chain eat something at the bottom (bear eats salmon…crocodile eats wildebeast…shark eats seal…*moan*). And lest you think I’m the kind of girl who regularly parties on Tuesdays.. *cough* I finished, and passed with flying colors, my thesis. Unfortunately, I appear to forget everything I’ve learned when confronted with anything  a) with a worm in it b)has the words “fireball whisky” in it and c) is put in front of me with the instruction “Here, drink this”. 

So, lest I forget to act the part of an adult, I can at least dress the part in this beautiful outfit I’ve picked out for Wanted Wednesday. Which was originally going to be titled. “Please. Somebody. Come over and bring water.” xo


{Clockwise from top left:Deena and Ozzy Strapped Heel (Urban Outfitters), Italian Wool Mustard Shell Top (Holme), Goody Classic Barrettes, Willow Purse (Hoakon/Helga), Feather Trio Necklace (Moorea Seal) }



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8 responses to “Wanted Wednesday

  1. Congrats on finishing your thesis!

  2. Yay you finished! I think you should reward yourself with a visit to Boston!

  3. Congratulations on finishing!! Tuesday night parties are definitely in order in that case – and even Wednesday and Thursday night ones =)

  4. Pretty! What do you know, I also had a drink (and by a drink I mean a bottle of wine) on Tuesday. Celebrations all around.

    Let me know what you’re up to tonight, if anything, and if you’d like to get together.

  5. Oh yes yes you should come to Boston! This is a very good idea. I will MAKE you cupcakes! (you make me so hungry for cupcakes at the beginning of all your posts…I’m pretty sure I should invent the “mieletcannelle special” –some sort of honey/cinnamon masterpiece? in order to satisfy all my cupcake needs). I have water here too, yes?

    Congrats on the thesis, though 🙂 My undergrad thesis was an absolute pain, and I am still in the very beginning stages (as in, year 1) of my graduate program, so I don’t have to worry about thesis the second for awhile. Thank goodness.

  6. Oh yay congratulations!
    Beautiful outfit, too 🙂

  7. p.

    With flying colors huh? Well was there any doubt?? No way hose! We believed in ya! Tequila? LOL

  8. ah!! thanks so much for diggin my jewelry girl! i love your blog. lets be buddies.

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