Friday Five

It’s been a good week folks. I just finished my last exam, I’m headed to lunch with a friend, and I’m ready.. to just relax a bit. I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, see you Sunday! xoxo


{Don’t Touch My Moleskine}

{With a little bit of sadness, a lot of confusion, and the feeling of “really..? that’s it?” akin to smoking pot for the first time (I hear) .. I am finished school. I went to say goodbye to my bespectacled, bebowtied (that is the best word..) profs, was given a beautiful book and a lot of encouragement, and frankly.. a little bit of sadness. This was quickly ameliorated by the suggestion that we meet for lunch some Tuesdays this summer. But the idea of being finished… I guess it hasn’t sunk in yet. I am so incredibly thankful for the great tumbling lock of life that clicked into place and gave me this opportunity. I will be forever grateful.}


{We Heart It}

{I’m so thankful for my friend Sabine who is driving for three hours after work today to come and see me to celebrate the end of the school year, and ultimately (in two weeks time) this degree. I’m having a grown up sleepover, which, unless you count Jared who by all intents and purposes is a pretty great house guest, I haven’t had for years. Jared is away until Tuesday, so she’s coming for a day or two to keep me from spiralling into a Chunky Monkey Gin mess. There will be much chit chat, wine, laughter and girly talk. Perhaps hair braiding. Sabine is not aware of this yet. Do not tell her.}



{Food.. glorious food. I am so happy .. and lets face it, downright THANKFUL that my dear dear city has jumped on the cupcake bandwagon and finally erected an ode to the pastry in our shopping district. I’m not even kidding you, prior to this you almost had to go to the bricklayers yard to get a cupcake. I am going down there this weekend, for all of our sakes, and report back.}


{via Libby Doesn’t Say Much}

{There is finally time. Time to read, time to sit, time to just work instead of work, juggle homework, try to be a girlfriend, try to be a friend. Now I can concentrate on these without constantly having in the back of my mind.. “Keep running Bayes. Find the Nash points. What is acid deposition?” and “When is it time to sleep again?” Time really is the ultimate luxury. I’m so thankful to have some.}


{Via Ffffound}

{I’m thankful for having this feeling again.}

{Oooooo.. I’m sorry, I’m tacking on a 6th and extremely vapid thankfulness. (Because “cupcakes” didn’t take that up..) I’m so thankful for John Krasinski and Dave Eggers. I have cried three times at this trailer.. do you know where?}



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7 responses to “Friday Five

  1. I love that quote so much.

    I want to see that movie. What an awesome cast! Also, I love John Krasinski.

  2. Oh my goodness, congratulations!! That’s such a feeling of walking off a cliff, but I’m looking forward to hearing about all the exciting opportunities are around for you.

    Deep breaths!

  3. sabby

    Congratulations, my dear. You did it! I know what you mean about the sadness. I went for lunch after my exam with friends who have kept me academically afloat the last few years and it hurt a little to know I won’t see them Monday morning. But Monday morning I will sleep in, eat pancakes, and for the first time in years, read a book with absolutely no academic value, at a pace of my choosing and with no guilt. However, I’m not sure when I’ll stop seeing Anthro theories in everything.

  4. p.

    Congrats congrats congrats you wonderful gorgeous lovely lady you! Was it all worth it? Ah who cares, you did it! (Kid. I kid.) And now you must have a symposium!! With Sabine in tow, and a little help from your liver, all should be good. Have one for me! *big hugs*

  5. Congrats!! Eat a cupcake for me šŸ™‚

  6. i set the “anything is possible” drawing as my wallpaper. i need to feel that again.

  7. Car

    A, I’m uber proud of you, dear. Ok, proud and jealous… definitely jealous. Hopefully I will have this feeling next year… or at least be happy like the 5 year old.
    I can imagine it’s a weird transitional time, and I see booze and cupcakes as a beautiful celebration of this moment. Congratulations! I love you xoxoxo

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