Monday Must Have – 1 Ticket to Italy

Happy Monday hunnies. I can only hope that the snow (!!!) of this weekend has moved on and we will have pleasent weather for my first day back to the full-time world of work. I’ve already made a mental jail break and would appreciate the anonymous donation of a plane ticket to Italy. (Also needed:  plain black pumps. Thanks.) Reference Library, who always succeeds in making me feel like I too may one day be cool, have collaborated with Apartamento and opened the Everyday Life Objects Shop in Italy. Knowing full well the aesthetic sensabilities of both, I have only this to say: *sigh*







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5 responses to “Monday Must Have – 1 Ticket to Italy

  1. happy monday! sorry that you had some snow over the weekend! 😦 as for your ticket to Italy…I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  2. I’ve been lusting after this as well – so tempting! If we run away together to Italy, we can call that professional development, right?

  3. Kyla – You bet. I will also call it gastro development, art enhancement, wine theory and body appreciation. We will call it lots of things. 😉

  4. I know, I know…I keep looking at the pictures and feeling my usual mixture of inadequacy and excitement. And desire to hop to Milan for the day…

  5. vm

    hey. sad to hear you couldn’t make it out here but thanks again for the nice post!!

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