More crafts! Still no macaroni!

I found this beautiful, thick spool of cord and matching string, and I really love the way it turned out. The plum color is so lovely, and it is so soft. Rainy/snowy days are so nice for crafting and listening to NPR. 



This one is a little bit longer, and made with a vintage chambray material. Soft and really pretty. I like the length!





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8 responses to “More crafts! Still no macaroni!

  1. lol Your post titles are the best. I’d love to see a tutorial on these if you won’t let me give you money for them – they’re gorgeous!

  2. I was thinking about a big cartel or etsy shop.. but I’m too nervous. I’d be too afraid. *laugh* I will totally send you one if you’d like.

  3. psh, put up an etsy site right now! i love these so much.

  4. i said this the last time you posted one of these- you have to make an etsy shop so i can buy one! i love them! especially the second one! the look of jewelry and thread like that is really unique and not something you see on anyone else!

  5. Oooh. Nifty! The first one is kind of nautical, which I am always on board with.

  6. Sarah – is that a pun? on board.. huh? Yes? Fabulous.

  7. You could sell them on your etsy site with your amazing photos!

  8. haha. You caught me. That was indeed a pun. But seriously, good necklace.

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