Wanted Wednesday – A purse.


{MOMA bag from Gravity Pope}

First off – I am very sad that this picture doesn’t do justice to this beauty of a bag. Truly. It is so wonderful that I have visited it on no less than 3 occasions in the past week and a bit, and have lovingly and affectionately caressed it, put it on each shoulder, squeezed its supple leather, looked at it on my shoulder from various angles, walked around the store peering out the corner of my eye at it.. *sigh* It is the fantastic and incredible object of my affection. But, much like strippers, kittens and babies,  it is too expensive and I know I’d regret it. (Bam. Do you like how that applies to all three? Yeah. Wit.) As in, I need to work for a whole WEEK to afford it. That would be like saying “Hey Andrea, come in to work, do all that stuff that numbs your brain and your bottom, and on Friday, we will give you this purse to put your brain in and take home.” Puh-lease.

No really. Please. I’ll do it.

*I always thought that when I “grew up” (see: get a degree, a significant other, a stable income) that I would have a purse. A really nice, expensive, trademark purse that I would have forever and it would be the real sign that I’d grown up. I actually knew what purse it would be – a red velvet oblong Kate Spade purse that used to sit in Artworks downtown. Oh how times change. Did you have anything like this? A sign that you had “made it”? Or are we all content to be eating vegetables on a regular basis as grown ups? Second question: do you eat vegetables on a regular basis?



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15 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – A purse.

  1. A place of my own was my trigger to let me know I became a grown up. I wish I could have a purse like that, though. Even though you say the photo doesn’t do it justice, it looks lovely.

    To answer your other questions: I sometimes eat veggies. Sometimes, I don’t. It just depends on my schedule.

  2. I like vegetables… and eat them a lot.

    That’s kind of what my Marc Jacobs bag is to me. But now I want more. GREED my friend. But alas, I shall be back to being a (not quite so) impoverished student soon enough.

    I miss YOU. A lot.

  3. Lipstick. Then I never wore it…and now I actually wear a homemade lipstick/aquaphor combo since I play French horn and my lips need the TLC…

    Also, I love vegetables. Golden beets and I are having a bit of a love affair right now, but I’ll be cheating on them with spring asparagus, because it is oh-so-delicious.

  4. Ok, all of you put me to shame. YOU ALL EAT VEGETABLES? This is amazing to me. UH-maayz-ing.

  5. I can’t help it! They are just too tasty to resist!

    (however, I should also add that I am snacking on dark chocolate-covered raisins right now, not green beans or lettuce or rice cakes)

  6. wanted wednesday: a job.

    someone employ the clover pony!

  7. I love it!
    wow, you have almost the same definition of growing up as mine, but now that I have all 3…I still refer to “growing up” as some unidentified point in the future hehe.

  8. I just remembered that my friend Carrie defined “being a grown up” a couple weeks ago as “Someone who does their own taxes”. Thought I’d add that to the conversation. 😉

  9. I heard somebody say this too.. And they added the caveat “without a student tax credit” .. *chuckle*

  10. that is one wonderful bag, and i have the same bag issue, i am old enough to have a real bag, a serious bag, but still do not. why do the best bags cost so dang much!?

  11. Oh, I know the picture probably doesn’t do it justice but I can tell that baby is a beauty.

  12. I’ve got a lot of triggers like that stored away, but in terms of bags, mine turned out to be a Marc by Marc Jacobs large, classic navy purse with outside pockets. It’s SORT of serious. On the vegetable tip, I tried brussel sprouts last month. And loved them. Like, a lot.

  13. p.

    Well I am a grown up and let me just tell you all now; it sucks.

    … Except when you’re an adult with room left on your credit card for that amazing BAG!!

  14. p.

    p.s. vegetables always taste better cut into cool shapes and served with melted cheese. lots of cheese.

  15. Car

    Oh my god, I love you. Not that I had really forgotten, but this post just made me fall in love with you all over again :o)
    My ‘made it’ items? A classic leather attaché case that says I’m kind of a big deal but not a show-off, and I’m also an intellectual. In this bag are many smarty pants reading materials. I had an impossibly chic French prof with one that said exactly this. That, and maybe some Christian Louboutin black pumps to wear while I’m eating all those vegetables.
    My man’s is the ability to stay in nice hotels and eat in nice restaurants when traveling. No word yet on the vegetables…

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