Please Return to Owner

20090225153859Lost Blogger

Height: 5’2″

Weight: Wouldn’t say

Hair/Eyes: Blonde/hazel

Last seen: Closing the computer Friday evening and proceeding to galavant around town in a rented car. Spotted at the farmers market, Whyte Avenue, the grocery store, the Starbucks, the movie theatre, the shopping centre, the thrift store, the liquor store, 4 restaurants and Ikea. Seen in the company of a dashing young man frequently disposed to snapping pictures and kissing her as she frantically tried to drink in all the beauty and gin in the spring days around them. If anyone has information about her whereabouts, please keep it to yourself. 

(Pickles.. I’ll be back soon.. the sun.. the days off.. the beauty..*sigh*)


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7 responses to “Please Return to Owner

  1. Isn’t it just fantastical when the sun decides to actually make an appearance on your days off? I’m very quickly adjusting to having weekends that don’t involve guilt over homework left undone. Now if I could just wrap my head around the five days in between!

  2. p.

    Wow! That beats moving cement blocks anyday!

    Next weekend? Lets trade lives.

  3. Love, love, love.

    The skies are going to open up soon, so it’s a good thing you got out to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Not like rain’s a bad thing with all the grass fires….

  4. That sounds so dreamy! Take your time, it sounds wonderful.

  5. Pssh. Enjoy the sun and the days! We’ll all be around whenever you make it back. 😉

  6. Good for you! Enjoy the sunshine.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my news! xoxox

  7. mmm….I love these sorts of days. 🙂

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