Friday Five

Oh bloggerkins. I feel like I’ve woken up from a week of playing hooky in la-la land. I haven’t been on the computer (except at work) I’ve been reading, willy nilly, just about anything I want, cooking up a storm every night while drinking wine and dancing about like a madwoman. It’s been rainy and shockingly bright, it smells like spring and I feel rejuvenated. Thanks for letting me take a bit of a break from our regularily scheduled blogging features here, they’ll return next week with renewed fabulousness and freshness. XO to all, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you on Sunday!



Spring has arrived! We’ve had days full of rain and stormy clouds punctuated by extremely bright, beautiful sun. There is something so sharp, so ethereal and perfect about the sun after rain, and I’ve been getting my fill of it this week. I’ve been reading in my living room after work lately, and the light has been so beautiful and perfect I wish I could just mimeograph that feeling, that warmth, right into my brain. It makes my soul do the electric slide, I’m sure.



My black thumb is turning a lighter shade of grey. Which means that out of the 3 plants that I bought last Saturday, a whole 2 of them are thriving! A whole basket of strawberry plants are awaiting the weekend to be planted in the garden, a pot of thyme is quietly doing its thing and reaching towards the sun from the kitchen table, and the mint.. Well. Ok. The damn mint MIGHT be having a little trouble performing its regular functions of osmosis and growth due to a veritable pillaging at the beginning of the week when we discovered our prediliction for mojitos. Whoops. Perhaps I have not so much a black thumb as rampant alcoholism. I joke. It’s mild.



Comforted in large part by darling S, I am looking forward to my birthday in a weeks time. We’re having a quiet little dinner and night in, nothing fancy. I used to be shocked when I could wear out a pair of jeans and had to buy a new pair, shocked that I had lived long enough to actually see something need to be replaced. (I know. Naive. ) As I get older, I just become more amazed that an autonomic function like the beating of my heart continues at length no matter what jeans I wear. It’s a beautiful thing. (The heart. Not the jeans. Trust me. Not the jeans.)



Dearest Clare (my bicycle) and I were able to take the first of many rides to work this week. It’s such a sign of spring to dust her off and press on her pedals. It’s also, coincedentally, a sign of how out of shape I am, and how tender my poor little behind is. *laugh* But gliding along to work through the smog and fog and dew makes my heart happy, even it it makes my tush sore.



Maybe this is silly. Maybe nobody elses mom said this. Maybe I just need a pedicure. But from walking about barefoot through the backyard, from wearing flip-flops, from getting sun on my toes.. I’m getting summer feet. And it makes me smile.


{All images via jjjjound}



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7 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Ahhh. I wish I could ride my bike to work… so happy it’s Friday =) weee

  2. Birthday! In a week! Drinks are a must, my dear!

  3. I ride my bike to work… all the time… I just love it… and, because it takes me only 10 minutes to get there by bike since we`ve moved closer… but I still prefer it from walking for 20 minutes… all year round I do it… now you can laugh ;]

    have lovely weekend


  4. p.

    If that living room was mine? I’d be doing the electric slide every time I entered it. It could rain all day and I swear I wouldn’t care.

    Now I need to paint my living room. Thanks A.

  5. p.

    … also add a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace.

  6. Yeah…it’s odd that no matter what, our nervous system keeps us breathing, moving, living…no matter what is going on with our lives, or what we wear, or where we go.

    (and the ranunculus are beautiful! I picked some up the other day, and they are keeping me company on my desk while I work)

  7. summer feet are fun feet

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