Warming Music.


Even though it’s only the begining of May, the heat has begun to creep in and settle into the corners of our house. It will eventually fill to the brim, seeping inwards until we resort to laying in our underwear on the hardwood living room floor, drinking beer and holding hands and realizing how much more we need to sweep.

I can’t sleep without blankets, poor J can’t sleep with them. He looks so beautiful and young in the morning, his face pink and warm, his curly hair slick to his temple like a little boy. It’s the only time of year he doesn’t mind when I steal the blankets, he heaves them over me and I squirm my feet out to touch his, it’s too hot for anything else. Summer necessitates new and distant ways of cuddling – our toes interlock and we give up much else until September.

“Atlantis” by The Whispertown 2000 has been the tune of choice in the hot weather days, slow and searching and lethargic, lifting and warm. The whole album has been carrying me into cold showers and across warm wood floors, leaving me standing in front of the freezer and helping me mix icy drinks. Here’s to warm days, and warm nights.



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5 responses to “Warming Music.

  1. We are the same way as y’all. I always need a blanket, my boy cannot stand them. It makes snuggling interesting until the summer passes, haha.

    I’m going to have to check out that music. Thanks!

  2. HEY!!! that is so funny you posted about them! I just met them the other week. One of my best friends Patrick used to play music with the boys in that band. how funny. they are great.

  3. Maybe it’s a girl thing? Blankets = comfort to me… it’s not that I’m cold, but I need something.

  4. I loved reading this.. we are the same way but the opposite…I’m always the one throwing the covers away and he’s always happy to oblige. I always need to have at least a sheet but I’m so hot all the time!
    sigh…I love cuddling even if it makes me hot tho:)

  5. PS–I’m in love with your new banner.

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