One photo and one inappropriate conversation.

berry{It’s alive!}

J. and I went for lunch to this new little icky vietnamese place that just opened by our house. It appears that as far as we can tell, the more questionable the hygiene, the better the pho. Jared loves it because we can drink Vietnamese iced coffee (the man is a fiend for it), and I love it because we have conversations like this:

Me: “You know how we call dive places like this greasy spoons?”

Jared: “Sure.”

Me: “Do you think in Vietnam they call it a greasy chopstick?”

Jared: “No.”


Jared: “But I bet thats what they call their gay bars.”



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3 responses to “One photo and one inappropriate conversation.

  1. Good lord lol

    I would like to formally tip my hat to Jared.

  2. That’s too funny.

    Congrats on the living strawberry plant! It won’t be long until you and J are attacking it for its fruit, much like the poor mint. 😉

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