Vain and Vintage



Nevermind the mess in the background (and the lumpy sweater in the foreground)! I found this adorable piece at Goodwill the other day and just fell in love with it and wanted to share it. I didn’t think much of it on the shelf, but I thought it was kinda grandma-chic when I put it on. Hope everyone has a lovely evening, I’m off to make some cold weather food (pork tenderloin stuffed with dates, walnuts, onions and a bit of goat cheese..) because it’s snowing here. *sigh* I can’t say much more, lest my speech gets laced with terrible expletives about the wanton Mistress Spring. Stay warm lovelies. xoxo



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9 responses to “Vain and Vintage

  1. I am sick looking at that. SICK! (Because I want it so bad.)

  2. Ooh. J’adore! Also, I’m highly disturbed that this is what you consider a mess. If you ever come to visit, I must have 48 hours notice minimum.

  3. Oh boy…vintage jewelry just kills me every time. I love this.

  4. Car

    I’m more discouraged that you’re so casually whipping up stuffed pork tenderloin. I had a sandwich for supper… and a popsicle because it was 23 DEGREES OUTSIDE TODAY!!! muahahahahaha

  5. So beautiful! I love all your necklaces lately, great eye!

  6. AHG that is an amazing necklace. me want-y!

  7. p.

    I’m totally with Sarah on this one; however, I will require 72 hours notice… and the phone number to Molly Maids.

    BTW, you’re always gorgeous and have this uncanny ability of turning shit into gold.
    It amazes me.

  8. word up, that shiz is hot! what’s even better is it’s paired with gray and gray and gold totally rock me.

  9. it’s awesome that you tried it on even though you weren’t sure about it– i’ll have to remember to do the same next time i’m thrift shopping! 🙂

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