She’d stick it in his eye.

Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to have a uniform. Not in the military/scholastic way, but in a “everyday I will wear a white button up shirt and tan pants of the utmost perfect cut, color and make” and then you would never have to worry ever again. It seems that I keep coming across people who have this effortless style, with only the slightest variation from day to day that may indeed constitute some sort of uniform.

I wonder if Joan Didion gets up every morning and puts her genius on. Damnit. I’m reading “Slouching Towards Bethleham”, and thinking that I would like to see a literary cage match between her and Kerouac. That cigarette looks deadly.

What do you think? Uniform yes? Uniform no? Joan Didion 4eva? It may be the next t-shirt I make. (See: also the first)






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3 responses to “She’d stick it in his eye.

  1. oh i too love idea of having a uniform like that. just like margot in royal tenenbaums! some people make it look so easy and natural, but i still haven’t found mine yet. it has to be just distinctive enough and it has to suit you perfectly!!

  2. Hi! Happy Birthday! xo

  3. Des

    I was just recently introduced to Joan Didion’s work and finished, “Slouching Towards Bethlehem.” You should definitely read, “The Year of Magical Thinking.” It is outstanding and very revelant considering the loss of your grandmother.

    By the way, Kerouac wouldn’t stand a chance in a literary cage match with Didion. Kerouac is good. But Didion is better.

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