Friday Five


Hullo pickles, I’m off my rocker and high on ganache today, due to some impromptu early birthday celebrations at work today. I think I may have diabetes. We’re not planning much for my b-day tomorrow, I think just some relaxation, perhaps a cupcake or two. I already celebrated Wednesday in a snowballing chorus of “Oh, your birthday? I’ll buy you a drink!”, and balanced that by then begging Thursday morning for J. to smother me with a pillow. I believe I cried out multiple times “You are old enough to know better Andrea (full name here). OLD ENOUGH.”

Apparently, I am not. X’s and O’s, see you Sunday!


There are shenanigans. Then there is me. Me, who like a sticky hurricane of hairspray and oily lipbalm roped A. into drinking away tips and pilfered boyfriend cash, despite all protestations by aforementioned boyfriends that it was a) a wednesday and b) not my birthday until Saturday, despite what I was shouting from the top of the barstool I was perched upon.  Me, who insisted, at two in the morning that the last of the Ben and Jerry’s Cheesecake ice cream (that was, as I proclaimed loudly numerous times, fighting poverty as I ate it.. I think there was something on the box..) was not enough and that I wanted scrambled eggs. Me, that convinced J that scrambled eggs was a great idea, then promptly dropped trou and fell asleep with a vintage linen napkin covering the most vital of parts – my cold feet.

Jared, please don’t ever leave me. Who will watch and laugh as I devour a plate of scrambled eggs at 2 in the morning, carry me to bed, and tell me that I am the very most beautiful girl in the world? Nobody. I love you, and everyday I am thankful for you. 


It is my actual birthday tomorrow! While we’re not really doing anything big, I’m a teeny bit excited. Mostly because I have two cards and two packages waiting to be opened, and a whole day to myself with J, and maybe lunch, and maybe cupcakes… It will be so nice. I’ve already asserted by birthday-girl supremacy this morning (“No you make coffe.. it is the day before my birthday!”) and am looking forward to tomorrow; relaxing and eating and enjoying ourselves. I will not, I regret to inform you, be turning any older as I have now commenced my second career (the first being jewel thief) in document forgery.


This essay by Joan Didion, courtesy of 2 or 3 Things. It’s such a simple, beautiful and wonderful piece, and I feel so lucky to have been directed to it. I love that there are things like this in the world to read today.


It seems like every week I have the pleasure of seeing her, she ends up on this list, but I guess that speaks to her character! I had the wonderful occassion to be taken to dinner this week by MisElle and had such a fabulous time. If any of you ever have the chance to talk with her, take it and cherish it – she is such an intelligent, calming, interesting woman.  Also, one day we are going to form a government and rule Canada. I am thankful that there are intelligent young women out there in the world and workforce, and equally as thankful that I get to drink g&t’s and mojito’s with them.


This is a small and mundane thankfulness, but I have to put it here.. because putting it here is like knocking on wood/good luck. Though my position at work as a casual employee is always somewhat tenuous, my handwaving and juggling, smiling and nodding combined with a multitude of other factors, has guarenteed me work for the rest of the summer. It is a sigh of relief when we have just been handed down an 84 page pdf today of cutbacks, restructuring and renaming. I am thankful. *exhale*




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4 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Happy Birthdaay!

  2. You’d better believe we’re going to rule Canada! Happy birthday miss, as always, it was fabulous seeing you this week. xo

  3. sabby

    Happy Happy to you!!

  4. Happy belated birthday, lady!

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