There are a few things that my father cooks – spaghetti sauce, christmas turkey…and my mother’s birthday cake.  From the time that I can recollect thinking about birthday cakes that weren’t my own, I remember the pepperminty, fluffy, oreo cookie based grasshopper cake that my father made appear from nowhere every June 26th. At such a young age, I couldn’t understand why for the past 15 some odd years we’d had that cake, and why we’d probably have it another 100. How could anyone want one cake for every birthday?

Last night when we got home from drinks with friends, I opened the fridge. The light was burnt out, but as I slid my hand along the second shelf looking for the water jug, I stuck my hand in something soft. Usually not a good thing. But as I pulled my hand out of the fridge I caught a whiff of peppermint, and as I turned on the kitchen light  there it was, in all it’s minty, misshapen glory – a grasshopper cake. 

I grabbed some water, closed the door, and smiled. And this morning, I was surprised by my first grasshopper cake. 



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9 responses to “Cake

  1. Mint extract! Oh J, what a keeper. Happy birthday, doll.

  2. M

    happy, happy, happy birthday!
    hope you got my voicemail.
    love you beautiful sister o’ mine

  3. That sounds DELICIOUS! I’ve never had grasshopper cake….good thing I have mint chocolate chip ice cream in my freezer to simulate that minty chocolate goodness.

  4. happy belated birthday! I knew I am going to be late with wishes, but that is me…

    this cake looks so delicious! soon my birthday and I am wondering what surprise will I get this year (I love surprises)


  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the long weekend and your cake!

  6. Car

    Awww he is a keeper. xo
    Glad it was a good one.

  7. What a fantastic photo! The cake looks lovely — I hope it was as delicious as it looks!

  8. i’ve never had it but if it’s as good as it looks… i’d like the recipe!

  9. Grasshopper cake! Oh my goodness do I love creme de menthe! I always begged my mom for some when we were at parties (I love the mint sundaes at Dairy Queen!) …but she never let me. So you can guess that I most definitely had a quite large creme de menthe sundae on my 21st birthday…mmm…

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