The Happy Returns

Feed_Me_Cake_by_Zorg_One_One{Via DeviantArt}

Hello little gateaux. I should have been up with the birds doing yoga and celebrating the first day of being a certain age, drinking soy shakes and meditating on philosophical, dietary and spiritual goals, but alas, it was not to be. Instead I heaved my un-yoga’d, year older self out of bed to go to work at 9am. Whomever thought that was a funny trick to play on a girl the day after her birthday, hats off to you my friends. Not going to lie, I peddled that body over to McDonalds for a hashbrown.

Despite initially uneasy feelings, my birthday was wonderful. We had a big breakfast and watched Planet Earth, we dawddled and snoozed and unwrapped gifts at a leisurely pace, my brother met us for lunch at Delux…then we napped again. (Geriatrics are on to something..) We met Graham and Kelly and strolled down Whyte Ave for soy ice cream and coffees, and ended up having a beautiful dinner on their patio and playing board games until the wee-hours. It was everything I didn’t know I wanted it to be.

Birthdays always seem like a good time to look around and assess where I am and what I have, and over good wine and good food with good friends last night, I’m happy to say I’m exactly where I want to be, with exactly what I want to have – even if I didn’t know it until last night.

I’m taking the rest of the long weekend off of blogging to eat the remaining cupcakes (one Strawberry Cheesecake, One Lemonade, One Cocoanut Creme) and relax. Thank-you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and e-mails, they made me smile all through the day as they showed up. Wish you were here to eat cupcakes/save me from myself. xoxo




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7 responses to “The Happy Returns

  1. Happy birthday! I hope it was absolutely wonderful!

  2. oh your birthday (and those divine cupcakes!) sounds wonderful!!


  3. sabby

    Glad it was a good one! Where on whyte do you find the tasty soy ice cream?

  4. Hey lady – at Block 1912! They have soy and also egg free too!

  5. those cupcakes look delicious. hope you had a nice day 🙂

  6. Happy belated! I’m so glad you had such a delightful day!

  7. hey, ps. happy birthday! we hope to see you out at the shop this thursday… perhaps we’ll bring a treat.

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