Belated Monday Must Have

So it snowed. Yes. Seeing as how the weather is feeling … whimsical… I’m going to share some whimsical wants of mine from BLESS, availible at Stand Up Comedy. Because I just want to stay firmly focused upon my computer screen instead of looking out the window at the wintery wonderland outside. *grinds teeth*

As per Stand Up Comedy, “BLESS’s collaborators have figured out a way to comment on the small practicalities of daily life in a funny and beautiful way. Their design for industry, performance, fashion, print, and who knows what else is accurately expressed in their slogan “Fits every style!”

Except maybe those in a mid-May snowstorm. xo


74_sillhouettepants3{Silhouette Pants}


74_bustallrounder8{Bustall Rounder}


74_pins{Safety Pins}



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7 responses to “Belated Monday Must Have

  1. It was so depressing to wake up to an Edmonton blanketed in white. *sigh

  2. I’m so sorry for you and Elle that it’s like that in Edmonton, I can’t and don’t want to fathom it.

    I love the above though, I went to a high school that used uniforms and those pins look like my old kilt pins. I might have to steal one out of my old uniform!

  3. oh gosh. this has happened more than once in Minnesota, and it is just so crushing… 😦

    best wishes for winter to stay away for now!

  4. i’m so sorry! i was born in ottawa and my mom loves to talk about the time it snowed on mother’s day..

  5. waaahhhh! i hate this.

    though to cheer everyone up just imagine how super ultra not-good i would look in that jumpsuit.


  6. Awwww, that’s my lil’ pal Alberta up there with the big pants on! I just did a little WOOT WOOT to Stand Up Comedy in my head…the coolest girls ever run that store, (of course)!

  7. Seriously, those pants are INCREDIBLE. I want them terribly.

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