Wanted Wednesday – Giveaway!


Hello persimmons! To counteract the still chilly weather (I biked to work in a toque and gloves!) I thought I’d cheer us up with a giveaway, for your choice of one of the neck-fanciers above. We’re getting really close to being at 100 subscribers (which makes me really happy), and so the giveaway will work like this – you leave a comment here if you’re already a subscriber, and then have one new person subscribe and leave a comment letting me know who pointed them to Miel et Cannelle. You’ll get two entries for being a loyal reader, and the new person will get one. If the new subscriber signs somebody up they’ll get another entry. If you’re a long time reader but not a subscriber, now is the time! Exciting and complicated, and void where prohibited? Just joking. Just exciting.


{Milk Braised Chicken With Lemon, Cinnamon and Sage}

In other news, Jared made this last night from “Everybody Loves Sandwhiches“,  (thanks to Kate at for me, for you  for the recommendation!) and it was incredible. I had a small mini stroke and thought it called for 2 bay leaves instead of sage leaves, so I messed up and did that.. But dudes and dudettes.. It was amazing. We had it with baby artichokes from the Italian Centre all covered in olive oil and lemon juice and a bit of garlic.. The man is turning into quite a cook, though he’s markedly more…meticulous… than I am. Which may be why everything he makes is so consistently good.



And last but not least, Bon-Voyage to my mom, who, like any good teenager, is running halfway around the world (but with a different trajectory) for the second time this year to meet a boy .. Well, my dad. *smile* Remember mom: Don’t leave your drink, don’t smoke anything, and for lord’s sake don’t carry anything across customs, no matter how nice a story they tell you.  I love you, and have fun!



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13 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Giveaway!

  1. oh momma I want that brown necklace SO BAD! Its a dreamboat. I’ll be scouring my friends and telling them to come your way asap!

  2. Do you still like it if it’s more of a plum? 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, that sandwich sounds amazing. I need to get less freaked about handling meat because I would love to be able to make that kind of stuff for Mister. Poor man, he’s so deprived!

  4. shoot, i dont know what this whole subscribing thing means. im clueless with this stuff… but i read you all of the time and i can tell others!

    i love the one on the left the best.

    ps- you made me hungry.

  5. of course. a plum indigo color is my number one favorite color of all time. anything dark sounds pretty pretty to me. i was staring at the screen in the dark and couldn’t perfectly see the color haha.

  6. oh Brookem, you’re a doll. Your ballot is in. You don’t use a reader?

  7. So pretty! Mayhap you could be a special guest star at a study break for my girls next year? I’m pretty sure they’d love to learn how to make something so lovely! (well, me too!)

  8. Want, want want! Most of my in real life friends don’t actually read blogs, but I will try extra hard to lure some over here!

  9. I just subscribed because I WANT those necklaces. Or one. Or both. Or one. But both.

  10. love lovelove those ❤

  11. p.

    Yet another reason why your life is delicious. Not only is J a talented hottie, but the man can cook as well. And not KD buy the looks of it. You lucky girl. 🙂

  12. i think i actually found your blog through flickr… nonetheless i would love the plum one 🙂

  13. p.

    If I refer my alter personality, do I qualify?

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