The Remains of the Day

3544222537_03f4859b8a_o{miel et cannelle}


{miel et cannelle}




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10 responses to “The Remains of the Day

  1. Brave of you to put these up! I love the ruffles. I’ve been buying all kinds of shifts and lingerie lately – I just wish it would warm up enough for us all to sift into this mode permanently!

  2. Those are the cutest underpants ever.

  3. meh! It’s the other angle that’s covered with scars. It’s a body. We’ve all got one. Even if mine is the only one with absurdly strong gymnast thighs!

  4. Happy belated my dear. Love the festive shots and the ruffly bum.

  5. p.

    Is it me? Or is the word “bum” just so much fun? And yours my dear A is as cute as the lacey things which adorn it.

  6. I have a fantasy world where all I have to wear all day any day is soft lingerie-dresses (and of course it will be just the perfect temperature to wear them—not too hot and not too cold!). I will invite you if I find it someday…

  7. Tim

    well said A, well said.

  8. How cute!! I love the colors and the lingerie!

  9. that is what i imagine my love for you is. a gaggle of pink balloons enveloping you.

  10. aw, you’re just wicked stinkin cute in those undies!

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