Monday Must Have


Hello sweet tarts, happiest Monday! I had a beautiful and warm weekend full of cheery friends and good food, sunshine and bike rides. Jared came home Sunday and we had a big dinner with friends and family – the perfect way to end the weekend. I’ve always been a huge fan of big Sunday dinners, where everyone gathers to talk and drink and laugh and be a part of something you don’t get to be during the week. It’s an old fashion tradition that I can’t seem to let go of – every Sunday I get the same feeling, that there should be more people in our house, more food on the stove. It was so nice to have that feeling sated yesterday evening. (Even if I did wake up with a migraine this morning… ) 

Along with old fashioned dinners, I’ve been perusing shops and shops of vintage watches lately. This gorgeous old Bulova on eBay has been calling to me, and I’ve been watching it and hoping the price doesn’t rise to unreachable heights. It seems like the perfect piece to wear while serving friends and family dinner and laughs. xo



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4 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. geez, that leather looks amazing– i hope it’s really worn-in and soft. beautiful!

  2. Ooooh, lovely! My fingers are crossed for you that you get it.

  3. And like a faithful eBay auction stalker you did the right thing in not linking to the auction!! It’s beautiful, good luck!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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